June 30, 2010

Stephenie Meyer's "Eclipse" comes to theatres today!

The long-awaited third installment in the Twilight saga is released today in theatres: Eclipse

Check out Enslow Publishers' biography of Stephenie Meyer to read all about her life and how she started the hit saga.

". . . a very well written book that will relate well to many young readers." –TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2009

". . . good for reluctant readers or for teens with an interest in a particular author." –VOYA, August 2009

June 28, 2010

June 25, 2010

On this day in 1950

North Korea invaded South Korea initiating the Korean War.

On this day in 1876

Lt. Col. George A. Custer and his 7th Cavalry were wiped out by Sioux and Cheyenne Indians in the Battle of Little Big Horn in Montana.

June 21, 2010

Today is Joey Kramer's birthday

Joey Kramer, drummer for Aerosmith, is celebrating a birthday today. In September, Enslow will be publishing Aerosmith: Hard Rock Superstars. It will be available through vendors, bookstores, and online.

June 18, 2010

On this day in 1983

Astronaut Sally K. Ride became America's first woman in space as she and four colleagues blasted off aboard the space shuttle Challenger.

Today is Vivian Vande Velde's birthday

Vivian Vande Velde Author of Fantasy Fiction
Author: Candie Moonshower
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2964-4
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 128

Vivivan Vande Velde is the author of over thirty books for children and teenagers. Since her first novel, A Hidden Magic, Vande Velde has explored identity by developing characters that run counter to the norm—in an easy, humorous style that young readers find irresistible. Vande Velde finds inspiration in each new character she writes, and in the readers she meets on her travels. She has won numerous awards for her many books.

June 17, 2010

Here's our latest press release!

Enslow Publishers, Inc. Releases A Rainbow of Animals in One Money-Saving Paperback

On this day in 1928

Amelia Earhart began the flight that made her the first woman to successfully fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

June 16, 2010

On this day in 1967

The three-day Monterey International Pop Music Festival - which catapulted Jimi Hendrix, the Who and Janis Joplin to stardom - opened in northern California.

On this day in 1903

The Ford Motor Company was incorporated.

To learn more about Henry Ford, click here.

June 15, 2010

On this day in 1752

Benjamin Franklin experimented by flying a kite during a thunderstorm. The result was a little spark that showed the relationship between lightning and electricity.

June 14, 2010

Today is Donald Trump's birthday

Donald Trump From Real Estate to Reality TV
Author: Sara McIntosh Wooten
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2890-6
Publication Year: 2008
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 128

Before Donald Trump entered the world of television with his hit reality show, The Apprentice, he made a name for himself as a hard-driving real estate developer in New York City. From there he expanded his property interests to include casinos in Atlantic City and top-notch golf courses around the country. He has published a number of books about his life and insights on business, many of which have become best-sellers. This biography explores the successes, as well as the difficulties of Mr. Trump's life, as it introduces young adults to this interesting and controversial personality.

On this day in 1789

Captain William Bligh of the HMS Bounty arrived in Timor in a small boat.

On this day in 1864

Alois Alzheimer was born. He was a psychiatrist/pathologist, and in 1907 he wrote an article describing the disease that is named for him.

Happy Flag Day!

Today, June 14, 2010 is National Flag Day in the U.S.

Molly the Great from the series "Character Education with Molly the Great and Super Ben" knows how to respect the flag. Read about her lesson in Molly the Great Respects the Flag: A Book About Being a Good Citizen

Read more about Flag Day at http://www.nationalflagday.com/

To learn more about Betsy Ross, who sewed the first American Flag, click here

The Continental Army was founded by the Second Continental Congress for purposes of common defense.

This event is considered to be the birth of the United States Army.

The U.S. Army and Military Careers
Author: Earle Rice Jr.
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2699-5
Publication Year: 2006
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

From a ragtag collection of former colonial militia to the cutting-edge fighting force of the twenty-first century, the United States Army has always answered the call to serve its country. Today, its members are needed throughout the world to protect U.S. interests, provide humanitarian aid, and to maintain peace. The U.S. Army and Military Careers takes the reader inside this military branch’s history, describing its current operations and structure, exploring the career paths it offers, and spotlighting the equipment and the soldiers who keep America free.

June 12, 2010

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart" - Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born 81 years ago today. Her life has lived on through many works, and notably her diaries that were published by her father after her death.

Frank is featured in Enslow's new series True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust. She is prodomently featured in Hidden Teens, Hidden Lives and on the cover of the book.

Thousands of Jews went into hiding during the Holocaust. Barns, trapdoors, bunkers, secret attics, forged identity papers, and fake names became tools for survival. Author Linda Jacobs Altman uses primary sources to detail the stories of many Jews who went into hiding to survive the Nazi's planned extermination of Europe's Jews.

June 11, 2010

On this day in history

Janis Joplin debuted on stage at the Avalon ballroom in San Francisco.

June 10, 2010

Curriculum Connections newsletter and the World Cup

School Library Journal's Curriculum Connections newsletter talks about the World Cup and features soccer books. One of Enslow's titles, David Beckham: Gifted and Giving Soccer Star is mentioned.

Enslow also has other new books on soccer. Soccer Skills is great for learning how to play the game, including practice tips and building social skills.

Goal! Science Projects with Soccer is another terrific book for students, making learning physics fun.

Happy Birthday Sasha Obama

Celebrating the Obama Family in Pictures captures the many exciting moments of the family, before and after they moved into the White House.

June 09, 2010

On this day in 2008

Ken Griffey Jr. of the Cincinnati Reds became the sixth player in baseball history to hit 600 home runs.

Today would have been Les Paul's birthday

Electric Guitar Man The Genius of Les Paul
Author: Edwin Brit Wyckoff
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2847-0
Publication Year: 2008
Interest Level: Grades 3-4
Page Count: 32

Without the electronic guitar invented by Les Paul, music would never have been the same. In this biography of Paul's life and career, Edwin Brit Wyckoff shares how the rambunctious boy from Waukesha, Wisconsin, was propelled to stardom by his unrivaled playing ability and technological prowess. Revered by generations of musicians and fans, Paul and his inventions have forever changed the way music is produced, recorded, and enjoyed.

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Movie Megastar
Author: Jill Menkes Kushner
State Affiliation of Author: NJ
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3567-6
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 5-9
Page Count: 48

Did you know that Johnny Depp once worked as a telemarketer trying to sell ballpoint pens? This lively biography summarizes Depp's life from his childhood, to his love of music, and his acting career. This fun-to-read book offers quotes, personal stories, and accessible features such as a timeline and glossary.

June 08, 2010

Today is Kanye West's birthday

Kanye West Hip-Hop Star
Author: Gretchen Weicker
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3214-9
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 5-9
Page Count: 48

Kanye West has never been the typical rapper or hip-hop artist. While other rappers are known for their baggy clothes and graphic lyrics, West uses his music to pay tribute to his mother, fight injustice in the world, and spread a positive message. With preppy clothes, honest lyrics, and a trademark teddy bear, West has built his success by breaking the mold.

June 07, 2010

Today is Allen Iverson's birthday

Allen Iverson Never Give Up
Author: John Albert Torres
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2174-7
Publication Year: 2004
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 104

Chronicling the life and career of basketball star Allen Iverson, whose will and determination helped him overcome a background of poverty and violence to become one of the greatest basketball players in the world today. With his lightning-fast speed and acrobatic ball-handling skills, Iverson has helped transform the Philadelphia 76ers into championship contenders. He has led the NBA in scoring twice in the last six years and won both the All-Star Game and regular season MVP awards in 2001.

Possible tornado in Dundee, MI

While driving home from visiting family yesterday, I drove past the Cabela's in Dundee, MI. I had seen on the news (earlier in the morning) that a possible tornado had damaged Cabela's. Seeing the damage was eerie (to be honest, I did not see any damage to Cabela's, but I did see damage to the building next door). Granted, I was driving, and there was a lot of traffic trying to get off the highway at that exit, so I could not get a really good look, but what I saw made me think it might have been a tornado. The roof of the water park next to Cabela's was damaged (and missing in some places). Made me want to get into the office and start looking through Enslow's Tornadoes book and learn more.

Today would have been the birthday of Gwendolyn Brooks

Gwendolyn Brooks ''Poetry Is Life Distilled''
Author: Christine M. Hill
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2292-8
Publication Year: 2005
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 128

For Gwendolyn Brooks, writing was vital to life—"like breathing or eating," she said. Brooks cast her poets’ eye on the daily struggles of ordinary African-Americans and told the truth about racism and urban poverty. In 1950, Brooks became the first black writer to win a Pulitzer Prize. As the civil rights movement evolved, so did Brooks’s own views. Her work grew sharper with black pride and solidarity. Brooks’s career spanned more than fifty years, and her poetry appeals to people from all walks of life. This vividly drawn life story will fascinate Brooks’s fans and entice other readers to discover her poetry.

June 02, 2010

New Orleans- Katrina and the Oil Spill

Over the long weekend I was fortunate enough to visit New Orleans. I had never been there before and really enjoyed the city and all of its culture! From Bourbon St. and the French Quarter, to eating po boys uptown, it was a great experience.

It is hard to believe Hurricane Katrina hit the area 5 years ago. I thought I would blog about our book, Hurricane Katrina Strikes the Gulf Coast. You can find more information about it here: http://www.enslow.com/displayitem.asp?type=1&item=1931

But today there is a different enviromental tragedy going on in the Gulf. Enslow is actually coming out with a book this fall about oil spills, so keep an eye out for it this fall! It is called Smog, Oil Spills, Sewage, and More.

June 01, 2010

Today is Ron Wood's Birthday

Coming this fall, Enslow will publish a book on The Rolling Stones. Keep an eye out for it!

May 28, 2010

Today would have been Jim Thorpe's birthday

Jim Thorpe "There's No Such Thing as 'Can't'"
Author: Michael A. Schuman
State Affiliation of Author: NH
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3021-3
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

American Indian Jim Thorpe made great feats a routine during his athletic career, winning gold medals in the Olympics and playing professional baseball and football. Although he faced bitter racism during his life, Thorpe continued to excel. When he received his gold medal for the decathlon in the 1912 Olympics, the King of Sweden proclaimed him the "greatest athlete in the world." Author Michael A. Schuman relates this American's exciting story, including the revocation and ultimate return of his gold medals, using interviews with Jim Thorpe's son and daughter as part of his research.

May 27, 2010

Today would have been Wild Bill Hickok's birthday

Wild Bill Hickok, Revised Edition
Author: Carl R. Green, William R. Sanford
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3177-7
Publication Year: 2008
Interest Level: Grades 5-9
Page Count: 48

A Civil War hero, Army scout, lawman, showman and guide—Wild Bill Hickok's life seems too exciting to be true. However, his shootouts with rowdy cowboys and his life-or-death fight with a grizzly bear were real! This Wild West hero is truly legendary.

May 26, 2010

Today would have been Dorothea Lange's birthday

Dorothea Lange A Life in Pictures
Author: Laura Baskes Litwin
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2697-1
Publication Year: 2007
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 128

Dorothea Lange was an influential American photographer and photojournalist. Lange is best known for her Depression-era work, which gave a face to the widespread human suffering that was taking place across the country at that time. Lange's work during this period, in addition to her later work, would profoundly influence the development of documentary photography.

May 25, 2010

Today would have been Igor Sikorsky's birthday

Coming in the fall, Enslow will add a biography of Igor Sikorsky to it's list. This biography, part of our Genius at Work! Great Inventor Biographies series, is geared toward grades 3–4.

May 21, 2010

On this day in history

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.

Known as "the Angel of the Battlefield" during the American Civil War, author Mary Dodson Wade explores the life of Clara Barton in this biography for beginning readers. Read about Barton's early jobs as a teacher and in a government office, and how she created the American Red Cross.

For middle school readers, Don Nardo explores the life of Clara Barton, from her days as a ground-breaking teacher to her creation of the American Red Cross.

May 20, 2010

Today is Tony Stewart's birthday

Tony Stewart Rocket on the Racetrack
Author: Ryan Basen
State Affiliation of Author: NC
State Affiliation of Title: IN
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2998-9
Publication Year: 2008
Interest Level: Grades 5-9
Page Count: 128

Tony Stewart has won championships in sprint cars, indy cars, and stock cars. He currently races in NASCAR for Joe Gibbs Racing and captured the Nextel Cup championship in 2005. Today he is recognized as one of the biggest names in NASCAR and should continue to compile championships in the seasons to come.

Today would have been Dolley Madison's birthday

Dolley Madison: "The Enemy Cannot Frighten a Free People"
Author: Zachary Kent
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3356-6
Publication Year: 2010
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

As British soldiers marched toward Washington, D.C. on August 24, 1814, Dolley Madison bravely stayed at the White House waiting for her husband, President James Madison. Most residents had fled the city, but Dolley had to save important documents and valuables from the White House, including the famous painting of George Washington. Dolley left the city only hours before the British arrived. Dolley Madison had been a leading social and political figure in Washington for many years and helped to rebuild the American capital. Author Zachary Kent explores the life of this First Lady from her humble childhood to her legacy as a national hero.

May 19, 2010

Today would have been Lorraine Hansberry's birthday

A Reader's Guide to Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun
Author: Pamela Loos
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2830-2
Publication Year: 2008
Interest Level: Grades 9-12
Page Count: 128

Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun was a landmark play. In addition to being the first play by an African-American woman to appear on Broadway, it was also directed by an African-American man, Lloyd Richards, and all but one of the actors in the production were African-American. The play became the first African-American play to gain national acclaim and broke Broadway records.

Today is Kevin Garnett's birthday

Kevin Garnett All-Star On and Off the Court
Author: J Chris Roselius
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2863-0
Publication Year: 2007
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

Kevin Garnett is the star forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In 1995, he became the first NBA player drafted out of high school in twenty years. In 2004, he was awarded the NBA Most Valuable Player Award. Off the court, Garnett has helped many charities, including a $1.2 million donation to Oprah's Angel Network to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in 2005.

May 18, 2010

Today would have been Mathew Brady's birthday

Mathew Brady "The Camera Is the Eye of History"
Author: Don Nardo
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3023-7
Publication Year: 2008
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

Often considered the father of American photography, Brady developed new techniques and photographed many famous Americans like President Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses S. Grant. He and his assistants also braved the battlefields and took many important photos during the Civil War. Some of the notable battlefields his operation recorded include Gettysburg and Antietam. Author Don Nardo explores Brady's life from the height of his success to the sad end of his life.

May 17, 2010

Today is Gary Paulsen's birthday

Gary Paulsen Voice of Adventure and Survival
Author: JoAnn Early Macken
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2721-3
Publication Year: 2007
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 104

In his long and prolific career, Gary Paulsen has authored hundreds of books, short stories, and magazine articles, as well as several plays. Drawing upon his own real-life experiences as an outdoorsman and traveler has helped Paulsen captivate countless readers, both young and old, with his stories. These readers find hope in his tales of adventure and survival.

Today would have been Edward Jenner's birthday

Edward Jenner Conqueror of Smallpox
Author: Ana María Rodríguez
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2504-2
Publication Year: 2006
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

In the eighteenth century, when Edward Jenner lived, people all over the world lived in fear of a disease called smallpox. Thanks to Jenner’s pioneering use of vaccination, the disease would eventually be eradicated. The last known case of smallpox was finally isolated in 1977. By 1980, the disease was declared completely eliminated. Edward Jenner’s work with smallpox opened a new era in medicine, providing hope for humanity by showing that diseases could be fought and eventually defeated.

May 14, 2010

On this day in 1804

The Lewis and Clark expedition left St. Louis to explore the Louisiana Territory.

On this day in 1796

English physician Edward Jenner administered the first vaccination against smallpox.

May 12, 2010

Think you're having a bad day?

One of our library customers just called in asking about the replacement cost of a book that had been chewed on by a dog. Sounds like the dog's teeth went completely through the book.

She also mentioned that another book that was just returned to her library had been used as a litter box by a cat.

May 11, 2010

100 years ago today

Glacier National Park in Montana was established as our tenth national park on May 11, 1910 by President Taft.

May 10, 2010

Bono celebrates his birthday today

Bono Rock Star Activist
Author: Martha P. Trachtenberg
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2695-7
Publication Year: 2008
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 128

Bono is lead singer of the internationally acclaimed rock band, U2. In addition to his fame as a rock superstar, Bono has also became widely known for his activism in recent years and has even been a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. Today Bono stands as a shining example of a superstar who gives back in the hopes of making our world a better place.

On this day in 1869

A golden spike was driven at Promontory, Utah, marking the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States.

The Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion tells the story of America’s rapid westward expansion and the railroads that stitched the country together.

In The Transcontinental Railroad and the Great Race to Connect the Nation, authors Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin examine the building of the railroad, the dangers involved, those who supported the railroad, and the impacts the railroad had on American life.

Today is the birthday of Christopher Paul Curtis

Christopher Paul Curtis An Author Kids Love
Author: Michelle Parker-Rock
State Affiliation of Author: AZ
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3161-6
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 3-4
Page Count: 48

Christopher Paul Curtis grew up in Flint, Michigan, but he drew on his family's southern background to write the books Bud, Not Buddy and The Watsons Go to Birmingham–1963. In an interview with Michelle Parker-Rock, Curtis tells how he went from auto worker to full-time author. He describes how he works and offers advice to young would-be authors

May 07, 2010

Today is Bill Kreutzmann's birthday

Grateful Dead ''What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been''
Author: Michele C. Hollow
State Affiliation of Author: NJ
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3028-2
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 104

''There's nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.'' Chanted at every concert, those words say it all. There really is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert. Fans knew they would encounter friends, old and new, at all the shows. Swaying and dancing to the melodies, many "Deadheads" would follow their favorite band from show to show. Author Michele C. Hollow has interviewed Bob Weir, lead singer, guitar player, and songwriter for the Grateful Dead; Dennis McNally, the Grateful Dead's publicist for over twenty years; as well as David Gans, the radio host of the nationally syndicated "Grateful Dead Hour."

May 06, 2010

Today would have been Sigmund Freud's birthday

Sigmund Freud Exploring the Mysteries of the Mind
Author: John Bankston
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2336-9
Publication Year: 2006
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

Sigmund Freud is the father of modern psychotherapy. Freud’s theories led to new approaches in how we relate to one another, and has also influenced the arts. Indeed, in the Modern Era, the influence of Freud is nearly inescapable. Without a doubt, this marks Sigmund Freud as one of the most influential figures of Modern History.

May 05, 2010

On this day in history

In 1925, John T. Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution.

May 04, 2010

Save My NJ Library

On May 6 in Trenton, NJ, there will be a rally from 11:00am-1:00pm on the steps of the State House Annex.

If you would like to contact your state legislators and the governor, click here.

May 03, 2010

LeBron named 2009-10 MVP

LeBron James was named the NBA's MVP for 2009-10!

"James, who also earned the honor last season, totaled 1,205 points including 116 first place votes, from a panel of 122 sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada and the first ever NBA MVP fan vote." says the article.

Enslow Publishers has a series called Sports Stars with Heart, that includes a title Lebron James: King On and Off the Court

Americans begin to travel more

"After a few years of staying close to home, Americans are ready to start traveling again and will be spending more and staying away longer."

A Reuters article on MSNBC explains that many Americans are ready to travel and start taking vacations. To see the article please click here: Americans planning to travel and spend more

Enslow has a great series called America's National Parks. From Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park to the spectacle of Old Faithful at Yellowstone, America's National Parks helps readers discover the beauty and history of our nation’s national parks. Each book takes readers on a tour of the park’s unique landmarks and features and includes a wealth of details about the history of the region, the designation of each park, its resident plants and wildlife, and activities visitors can do there. Journey from Hawaii’s volcanoes to the Rocky Mountains, from the Great Smokies to Cape Hatteras with America's National Parks.

May 02, 2010

Today is David Beckham's birthday

David Beckham
Gifted and Giving Soccer Star
Author: J Chris Roselius
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3587-4
Publication Year: 2010
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

One of the most popular athletes in the world, soccer star David Beckham's skills are second to none. As he grew into an international superstar, Beckham used his fame to help the sport of soccer grow and make a better future for underprivileged children throughout the world.

April 30, 2010

On this day in history

In 1803, the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France.

The Louisiana Purchase—The Deal of the Century That Doubled the Nation would be a great addition to a middle/high school library.

The Louisiana Purchase: Would You Close the Deal? makes elementary readers think about this event.

April 29, 2010

On this day in history

Joan of Arc entered the besieged city of Orleans to lead a victory over the English.

Today would have been Duke Ellington's birthday

Duke Ellington ''I Live With Music''
Author: Carin T. Ford
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2702-2
Publication Year: 2007
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 128

As a composer, bandleader, and pianist, Duke Ellington topped all other jazz musicians of his day. Ellington infused the beats and the rhythms of jazz with a more classical sound and intelligence, elevating jazz to an honored status. Carin T. Ford's new biography examines the life and career of this exceptional entertainer.

Today would have been the birthday of Dale Earnhardt, Sr.

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. The Intimidator
Author: James MacDonald
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3297-2
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 5-9
Page Count: 128

Dale Earnhardt, Sr., remains one of the most revered figures in NASCAR. Before his tragic death on the track of the Daytona 500 in 2001, he won seven championships—tied with Richard Petty for the most in NASCAR history. He earned the nickname "The Intimidator" due to his aggressive racing style, which fans will never forget.

April 28, 2010

On this day in history

The crew of the British ship Bounty mutineed, setting Captain William Bligh and 18 sailors adrift in a launch in the South Pacific.

Read about the famous case and the movies it inspired.

Happy Birthday Lois Duncan

Lois Duncan Author of I Know What You Did Last Summer
Author: Kimberly Campbell
State Affiliation of Author: GA
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2963-7
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 104

Lois Duncan's life as a writer has put her in the limelight and has been deeply rewarding. An award-winning author of more than fifty books and the creator of more than three hundred stories and articles, Duncan has contributed to the lives and the minds of the young. Some of her best-known works have been adapted to film, including I Know What You Did Last Summer and Hotel for Dogs.

April 27, 2010

On this day in history

Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed in the Philippines in 1521.

Happy Birthday to Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley, one of the founding members of KISS, celebrates a birthday today.

KISS ''I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night''
Author: Aileen Weintraub
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3027-5
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 112

''I wanna rock and roll all night'' are the words that fans shout at KISS concerts. Self-proclaimed "hottest band in the land," KISS rocks stadiums and albums. Their upbeat anthem "Rock and Roll All Nite" rocketed them to stardom. Fans can’t get enough of their loud, showy, and flashy concerts. Read about the band members and how they formed KISS, the ups and downs of some of the members, how they became a marketing machine, and where they are today.

April 23, 2010

today is the generally accepted birthday of William Shakespeare

A Student's Guide to William Shakespeare
Author: Walt Mittelstaedt
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2284-3

Publication Year: 2005
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 192

William Shakespeare is the greatest playwright and poet in the history of the English language and perhaps the world’s most popular author. In this Student's Guide to William Shakespeare, the career of this literary giant is examined, spanning his poetry, sonnets, dramas, comedies and tragedies, with special emphasis placed on curriculum-related works such as Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hamlet.