January 21, 2010

Enslow author, Linda Bozzo's school visit!

Enslow author, Linda Bozzo, recently visited Knollwood Elementary School in Piscataway, New Jersey to present her program, “How a Book is Made” to third graders.

She talked about her life as a nonfiction author and then walked the students through the many steps a book takes before it is placed on the library shelf while touching on different careers in the publishing industry.

Linda shared interesting facts about her series, My First Pet Library from the American Humane Association. She told the students how her father took most of the photos for My First Horse at the equestrian center where her daughter rides horses and that she didn’t write the Spanish text in the bilingual version of the series.

Linda also introduced the student to her two new series that are coming out with Enslow in fall 2010. The first series is Amazing Working Dogs with American Humane. Through photos the students were able to meet each of the dogs featured in this dog hero series while Linda explained how she each met and interviewed each of the handlers. When questioned about how she met the police dog, she which quick to respond that she was not pulled over by the police officer, but instead met him when an injury occurred during softball game and the police were called. In speaking about the Imagining the Future series she talked about what it’s like to research history and what fun it was to imagine what the future might bring.

Linda is currently working on two new books that include jokes and riddles proving there are so many different types of writing that authors do. “Who ever thought I would be writing knock-knock jokes?” she laughed.

The students were anxious to ask questions at the end of the presentation including what her favorite dog breed is and when she started writing. “The students were good listeners and asked great questions making it a successful school visit,” Linda said.

Enslow author Suzanne Lieurance Interview!

Enslow author, Suzanne Lieurance was interviewed here
on sellingbooks.com. Please click the link above for the full text!

An excerpt from the interview:

What is your most recent book? Tell us a bit about it.

My most recent book is The Lucky Baseball, My Story in a Japanese-American Internment Camp. It’s a middle grade historical novel written for Enslow Publishers Historical Fiction Adventures series. It tells the story of Harry Yakamoto, a little boy who grew up during WWII and was sent, along with his family, to an internment camp – called a relocation center – in the California desert. The book tells of the struggles Harry and his family went through – facing discrimination even before they entered the camp – and how they survived there for over three years and then went on to rebuild their lives after they were released.

January 19, 2010

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January 14, 2010

Going to ALA Midwinter? Visit Enslow at Booth 1409!

Are you going to ALA Midwinter Conference this weekend? Come visit Enslow at Booth #1409!

See our latest titles and learn about what we are up to at Enslow Publishers.

Don't forget to check out our new Spring 2010 E-Catalog! www.ecatalog.enslow.com

January 13, 2010

24 Enslow Books named Science Books & Films Best Books

The following titles were added to the Science Books & Films Best Books for Children 2009 list:

  • Animal Body-Part Regenerators: Growing New Heads, Tails, and Legs
  • Animal Chemical Combat: Poisons, Smells, and Slime
  • Animal Mimics: Look-Alikes and Copycats
  • Animals with Awesome Armor: Shells, Scales, and Exoskeletons
  • Animals with Crafty Camouflage: Hiding in Plain Sight
  • Animals with Wicked Weapons: Stingers, Barbs, and Quills
  • Easy Genius Science Projects with the Human Body: Great Experiments and Ideas
  • Easy Genius Science Projects with Weather: Great Experiments and Ideas
  • Measuring the Earth: Eratosthenes and His Celestial Geometry
  • Carl Linnaeus: Father of Classification, Revised Edition
  • Flowers Bloom!:
  • People Need Plants!:
  • Plants Grow!:
  • Plants Live Everywhere!:
  • Seeds Sprout!:
  • Trees, Weeds, and Vegetables—So Many Kinds of Plants!:
  • What Are Forces and Motion?: Exploring Science with Hands-on Activities
  • What Is Electricity and Magnetism?: Exploring Science with Hands-on Activities
  • What Is Energy?: Exploring Science with Hands-on Activities
  • What Is Light?: Exploring Science with Hands-on Activities
  • What Is Sound?: Exploring Science with Hands-on Activities
  • Who on Earth is Dian Fossey?: Defender of the Mountain Gorillas

The following titles were added to the Science Books & Films Best Books for Junior High and Young Adults 2009 list:

  • Easy Genius Science Projects with Chemistry: Great Experiments and Ideas
  • Dinosaur Scientist: Careers Digging Up the Past
To see all the lists on Science Books & Films Best Books 2009 please click here.

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Wear Blue for the Oceans Today, Wednesday, January 13

Wear Blue for the Oceans TODAY Wednesday, January 13, as part of a nationwide action to show our unwavering support for sea turtles, salmon, and healthy oceans!

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To learn about our NEWEST Enslow title, Top 10 Reasons to Care About Marine Turtles, please visit that link.

January 12, 2010

NSTA Review of "Who On Earth is Dian Fossey?"

On January 5, 2010 Marilyn Cook did a great NSTA Review of Who On Earth is Dian Fossey

An excerpt from the review:

"I would use this book for discussion of many issues, particularly in the middle school grades. I would also use it in the upper elementary grades to research gorillas and for learning about science careers. Fossey was a true defender of the mountain gorillas as well as an example of a helper of wildlife."

To see more information about the book, please visit www.enslow.com

January 11, 2010

Enslow Spring 2010 Paperbacks Press Release!

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Contact: Amy Vida
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BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ, JANUARY 11, 2010—Enslow Publishers is pleased to announce the expansion of its paperback line this spring. Character education, animals, and racing (BMX, dirt bike, snowmobile and speedboats where kids compete) are the topics included in this expansion.

Enslow Publishers, Inc. began its paperback initiative in the spring of 2009. Perfect for classroom use or leisure reading, these quality paperbacks cover a variety of topics for kids of all ages. The series Enslow is putting into paperback this spring are:

Character Education with Super Ben and Molly the Great Grades Pre-K-3
I Like Reading About Animals Grades Pre-K-3
Kid Racers Grades 5–9

“Enslow Publishers is committed to keeping up with new book formats. We are hearing from our customers that paperbacks are becoming more common in school libraries and as classroom collections, so publishing some of our books in paperback seems like a natural progression. Our objective is to make our educational products available to teachers, librarians, and students, in the format that provides students with the most opportunity to learn. Paperbacks can help stretch tight budgets, too,” says Mark Enslow.

Enslow Publishers’ mission has been to provide quality nonfiction series for young readers. Since 1976, our primary principles are that readers and librarians be able to trust our products and that these books satisfy their needs.


January 08, 2010

Congrats Robert Gardner for winning SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books

Congratulations to Enslow author Robert Gardner for winning SB&F (Science Books and Film) Prize for Excellence in Science Books Lifetime Achievement Award Hands-On Science Writing!

"Robert Gardner is an accomplished, award-winning author of more than 130 science books for young readers. He has devoted much of his life to educating children in all disciplines of science."

Click here to read the full article on Robert Gardner from the AAAS website.

Go to www.enslow.com to see all of his books written for Enslow Publishers!

January 07, 2010

Early American Poetry "Beauty in Words"

Karen Cioffi has posted a great review of Early American Poetry "Beauty in Words". Please click the title to see the full review.

An excerpt from the review:

In the introduction, Buckwalter explains: "Poets often see the world differently from most people. Some can see things hidden in the mundane; others scale lofty heights of philosophy. They all take words that capture ideas, feelings, and truth, and arrange them in ways that illuminate those realities." I love this explanation; it's simple, yet profound.

I highly recommend this book for children in the young adult grade levels recommended.

For more information on this book from Enslow, please visit www.enslow.com

January 06, 2010

Review of "Why Are Animals Purple?" on Tools For School blog

On the "Tools for School" blog, Enslow's Why Are Animals Purple? was reviewed by Carrie Anne Badov.

An excerpt from the review:
"The copy is large and easy to read and the facts are informative without being too scientifically boring for young kids; kids will actually enjoy learning. All three of my kids enjoyed Why Are Animals Purple? My three-year old loved the pictures, my five-year old loved the ‘cool’ facts (did you know the California Sea Hare squirts purple ink), and my seven-year old loved the additional resources, especially the Internet sites."
To see the entire review, please click here Tools For School blog

Cash for Clunkers yields 70 year old books!

This fall, Enslow Publishers offered a "Cash for Clunkers" incentive. Librarians would tear out title pages from their old "clunker" books that are actually on their library shelves and send them to Enslow in exchange for an offer on purchased books.

Our National Sales Manager was looking through the clunker title pages, and among them found the oldest ones!

Introducing Charles Dickens by May Lamberton Becker from 1940,
Yea! Wildcats! by John R Tunis from 1944
Damion's Daughter by Edwin Gilbert from 1949
The Immortal Lovers by Frances Winwar from 1950
Understanding Radio by Herbert E Welch from 1951
A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote from 1956

What are the oldest books in your library?

I Like Weird Animals! Review in LMC

In LMC's January/February 2010 issue, I Like Weird Animals! is reviewed and recommended.

An excerpt from the review:

"The series would be an appropriate support to classroom science lessons about animal adaptations. I know these books will get quite a bit of use in my library."

To learn more about this series from Enslow Publishers, please visit www.enslow.com

Tennessee officials want Davy Crockett document

According to an article on yahoo.com,
Tennessee officials want Davy Crockett document from a 90-year-old Florida woman. They want her to turn over a marriage license application filed by legendary Alamo defender Davy Crockett more than two centuries ago.

But the woman's son, Vance Smith, said the document has been in the family for years.

"She said it was hers and she wasn't giving it up," he said.

To learn more about the Alamo and Davy Crockett, check out Enslow's Alamo: Victory or Death on the Texas Frontier

Author: Karen Clemens Warrick
State Affiliation of Author: AZ
State Affiliation of Title: TX
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2937-8
Publication Year: 2008
Interest Level: Grades 5-up

Page Count: 128

January 05, 2010

"Bones Speak!" Review in LMC

In the November/December 2009 issue of LMC, Enslow's Bones Speak! Solving Crimes from the Past was reviewed and recommended.

An excerpt from the review:

"Mr. Spilsbury does not disappoint the reader; the range of topics is very extensive and fully developed. Each aspect of forensics is explored in a logical, sequential order, beginning with finding the remains."

To learn more about this title from Enslow Publishers, please go to www.enslow.com

Bones Speak!
Solving Crimes from the Past

Author: Richard Spilsbury
State Affiliation of Author:
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3377-1
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 5-9
Reading Level: For Reluctant Readers
Page Count: 48

Got a pet Tarantula? Better cover your eyes!

According to an article on abcnews.com, "Here's some advice stemming from the unusual case of a man who had spider hairs stuck in his cornea: Be sure to cover your eyes when hanging around with your pet tarantula."

"The authors noted that the Chilean Rose tarantula releases the barbed hair on the back of its body to defend against predators.

"We suggest that tarantula keepers be advised to routinely wear eye protection when handling these animals," the doctors said."

Learn more about "Hair-Shooting Tarantulas and Other Weird Spiders" by Enslow Publishers.

January 04, 2010

Review of "Fainting Goats and Other Weird Mammals"

Brianna Ahearn is a reviewer of children's and YA literature and she posts her reviews on her website www.brimeetsbooks.wordpress.com.

She has just reviewed Enslow's Fainting Goats and Other Weird Mammals, part of the I Like Weird Animals! series.

An excerpt from her review:

"The layout of the book is perfect for children, with bold large text, a small glossary of terms with pronunciation guide, and images that cover the entire page. "
To see the entire review, please visit BriMeetsBooks blog

For more information about this title, visit www.enslow.com

NSTA Recommends "Who On Earth is Rachel Carson?"

NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) recommends "Who On Earth is Rachel Carson?" part of the Scientists Saving the Earth series from Enslow.

An excerpt from NSTA's review:
"Biographies for students about "Scientists Saving the Earth" are much needed to provide students with information about how others have been working hard, since before their time, to protect the earth these students will inherit."

To see the full review, please go to NSTA's website here.

Learn more about this title at www.enslow.com

Review of Dinosaur Scientist: Careers Digging Up the Past

Review of Dinosaur Scientist: Careers Digging Up the Past

"A great read for middle school students, the book provides vocational guidance while introducing the reader to a challenging, but very exciting, career as a paleontologist. It is a great addition to the career section of any library."
–Science Books & Films, December 2009

For more information on this title, please visit www.enslow.com