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October 05, 2010

The high price of gold

"Did you know that the rising price of gold has caused outlaw mining companies and miners to explore abandoned mines? Outlaw miners will break through concrete seals on closed shafts to try to mine any remaining gold. In June 2009 there were reports that sixty-one miners died from a fire in an abandoned mine. Additional accidents have reportly killed an estimated twenty illegal miners in 2009."

This quote was taken from True Underground Rescue Stories.

October 01, 2010

On this day in 1908

Henry Ford introduced the Model T to the market. Each car cost $825. Back then, that was a lot of money for something that had people nervous about whether it would be a worthwhile purchase.

July 30, 2010

Today would have been Henry Ford's birthday

Henry Ford Genius Behind the Affordable Car
Author: Jeff C. Young
ISBN-13: 978-1-59845-053-8
Publication Year: 2007
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

In this addition to the Inventors Who Changed the World series, author Jeff C. Young chronicles the life of Henry Ford—inventor, businessman, and philanthropist. Most well-known for his Model T automobile and the assembly line, readers soon learn that Ford's antiwar efforts during WWII almost landed him on the ballot for president.

June 25, 2010

On this day in 1950

North Korea invaded South Korea initiating the Korean War.

June 16, 2010

On this day in 1903

The Ford Motor Company was incorporated.

To learn more about Henry Ford, click here.