June 02, 2010

New Orleans- Katrina and the Oil Spill

Over the long weekend I was fortunate enough to visit New Orleans. I had never been there before and really enjoyed the city and all of its culture! From Bourbon St. and the French Quarter, to eating po boys uptown, it was a great experience.

It is hard to believe Hurricane Katrina hit the area 5 years ago. I thought I would blog about our book, Hurricane Katrina Strikes the Gulf Coast. You can find more information about it here: http://www.enslow.com/displayitem.asp?type=1&item=1931

But today there is a different enviromental tragedy going on in the Gulf. Enslow is actually coming out with a book this fall about oil spills, so keep an eye out for it this fall! It is called Smog, Oil Spills, Sewage, and More.

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