May 02, 2010

Today is David Beckham's birthday

David Beckham
Gifted and Giving Soccer Star
Author: J Chris Roselius
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3587-4
Publication Year: 2010
Interest Level: Grades 5-up
Page Count: 128

One of the most popular athletes in the world, soccer star David Beckham's skills are second to none. As he grew into an international superstar, Beckham used his fame to help the sport of soccer grow and make a better future for underprivileged children throughout the world.

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  1. Cool, i wonder how old he is turning. He is a really good soccer player but soccer isn't really my intrest. I like other sports because i am really sporty and energetic. So this website is really cool and i am kinda sick but yet i am still out playing outside, (weirdly)
    But that is all i have to blog about, so see you later!!!