January 30, 2014

New Civil Rights series now available in time for Black History month

Enslow has just published a new series on the Civil Rights movement called The Story of the Civil Rights Movement in Photographs. This six book series is written for the middle school reader using primary source photographs, with text boxes and captions supplementing the images.

Author David Aretha examines this critical time in American history. Each title covers a different topic: freedom rides, the Montgomery bus boycott, voting rights, the civil rights movement in Birmingham, the Little Rock Nine and school desegregation, and the march on Washington, D.C. for jobs and freedom.

All of these titles are available in library, paperback, and eBook formats. They are available from your preferred vendor, local independent bookstores, enslow.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

January 29, 2014

Congratulations to Patricia and the late Fredrick McKissack!

Patricia McKissack, and her late husband Fredrick, were awarded the Coretta Scott King Virginia Hamilton
Award for Lifetime Achievement. Presented to an African American author, illustrator, or author/illustrator, this award represents the winner's body of published works for children and/or young adults. The recipients of this award have also made a significant and lasting literary contribution.This award is named in memory of beloved children's author Virginia Hamilton, and is presented to the winner during the Coretta Scott King Awards Breakfast at the ALA Annual Conference.

Patricia and Fredrick McKissack have written many books for Enslow Publishers, Inc., with their last series of titles, Famous African Americans, published in the spring of 2013. This series of twelve books feature short biographies on Booker T. Washington, Carter G. Woodson, Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, Ida B. Wells Barnett, Jesse Owens, Louis Armstrong, Madam C.J. Walker, Marian Anderson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mary McLeod Bethune, and Paul Robeson.

These titles are available from your preferred vendor, local independent bookstores, enslow.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

January 27, 2014

African--American Icons titles

Two subjects from our African-American Icons series performed the opening number on the Grammy awards last night.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are two of the titles in this series. Written for the middle school reader, these 100+ page titles are great for those who want to learn more about these current actors, singers/musicians, authors, and comedians. Other spring 2014 titles in this series include biographies about Chris Rock, Jennifer Hudson, Sean "Diddy" Combs, and Tyler Perry. There are also six titles published in spring 2013.

All of these titles are available from your preferred vendor, local bookstore, enslow.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. These titles have been correlated to the Common Core, and are available in library, paperback, and eBook formats.

January 23, 2014

New animal series for the middle school reader

Get to Know Cat, Dog, and Horse Breeds is a series of three titles, with each 128+ page title focusing on a different animal. Each title features detailed descriptions of different internationally recognized breeds. These titles are a great page length for the middle school student.

For those that are cat lovers, have you ever heard of the Neva Masquerade? The FIFe (Fédération International Féline) considers this as part of the same breed as the colorpoint Siberian, and not in its own category. How about the Sokoke? This cat is found in the Arabuko-Sokoke rain forest in Kenya.

Have you ever heard of the Polish Tatra Shepherd? This white shepherd breed is closely related to the Great Pyrenees. How about the Entlebuch Cattle Dog and Appenzell Cattle Dog? These breeds were named after their places of origin in Switzerland. Read about a lot more of these lesser known breeds in the Dogs book.

The Horse title goes into detail about a lot of lesser known breeds of horses usually found in the United States. Does the breed Akhal-Teke sound familiar? Thought to be one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, the origin of this breed is from Central Asia. The Berber originated in North Africa. There are only a few purebred Berbers left. Many Berbers have been crossbred with Arabians.

All of these titles are available from your preferred vendor, enslow.com, local bookstores, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. They are available in both library and paperback editions.

January 22, 2014

New Biography on Cristiano Ronaldo, winner of the FIFA Ballon d'Or Award

Enslow has just released a new six-book series, Goal! Latin Stars of Soccer. These reluctant reader sports biographies feature popular soccer players who were born in either a Latin or Latin American country. The six soccer players featured in this series are Andres Iniesta, Cristiano Rinaldo, Kaka, Lionel Messi, Robinho, and Ronaldinho.

One of these biographies features Cristiano Ronaldo. Born in Portugal, he made his debut with Sporting CP in 2002. After six years with Manchester United and a FIFA Ballon d'Or award, he went to Real Madrid on a record-breaking transfer. Since joining Real Madrid, he has scored an unbelievable amount of goals.

The FIFA Ballon d'Or award is given annually to the player who is considered to have performed the best in the previous year.

This 48-page hardcover book is available from your preferred vendor, enslow.com, your local bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Read About Peyton Manning before the Super Bowl!

Read about Peyton Manning before the Super Bowl! Written by Ken Rappoport, this biography tells the story of the Super Start quarterback your team can count on when the big game is on the line.  The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks meet in the Super Bowl 2/2/14.  Available in Library Edition, Paperback and eBook.

January 20, 2014

Congratulations to our December raffle winner

Sorry for not getting this up earlier. Our raffle winner emailed us her list of books. Congratulations to the library at the North Border School in Walhalla, North Dakota!

January 17, 2014

Don't Play Dirty, Gertie uses fictional characters who find themselves in tricky situations in which they have to make a choice--but which is the right one?  The You Choose series, written by Sarah Eason is perfect for character education.  Four books cover: Be Fair; Tell the Truth; Be Brave; Don't Steal. Provided by Enslow Publishers, Inc.

January 16, 2014

Solve True Crime with 'Zoom in on Crime Scenes'

Mentioned in Booklist series review (9/1/13), The Zoom in on series by Richard Spilsbury 'zooms' in on tiny things--such as hair, skin, and broken glass--which reveal the truth about crimes. Great for science and STEM reading. Published by Enslow Publishers.

Freak City, title from new Enslow imprint, reviewed in the January 2014 issue of School Library Journal

School Library Journal reviewed Freak City it its January 2014 issue. Freak City is the story of a teenage couple's relationship as they learn to communicate using sign language.

Here is an excerpt from the review:

"Readers are left knowing that the strains of understanding between two cultures are complicated but not insurmountable."

This title is part of a new imprint, Scarlet Voyage. You can order it from enslow.com, your preferred vendor, local bookstores, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. It is available in hardcover and e-Book formats.

January 15, 2014

Frankenstein on SLJ.com

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: A Dark Graphic Novel was reviewed on SLJ.com in Joy Fleishacker's recent roundup of Frankenstein graphic novels and reimagined novels.  With the new movie, I, Frankenstein coming out on January 24th, it's a good time to put together a Frankenstein collection!  Check out the article here!

More information on Sertio A. Sierra and Meritxell Ribas' Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: A Dark Graphic Novel is available here.

January 14, 2014

School LIbrary Journal review of title from new imprint

In the River Darkness, part of Enslow's new imprint Scarlet Voyage, was reviewed in the January 2014 issue of School Library Journal. Here is an excerpt of the review:

"Fans of both realistic fiction and paranormal romance are likely to find the story to be a fantastic blend of the two genres. The writing is beautiful, the cover is eye-catching, and the story within does not disappoint."

January 13, 2014

Keeping and Caring for Your Pet series

Kittens are cute and cuddly...and a big responsibility. In this three-book series (Kittens, Puppies, and Rabbits), author Hannelore Grimm writes a beautifully illustrated book aimed at children on how to choose, care for, understand, and play with your new pet. Visit: http://bit.ly/1eDGH7d to find out more and to find Common Core connections.  Published by Enslow Publishers, Inc.

January 09, 2014

Looking for Lexile levels for books correlated to the Common Core?

Enslow has had a majority of their new titles correlated not only to the Common Core, but also correlated to Lexile. These scores can be found on both www.enslow.com and www.bluewaveclassroom.com.

For Lexile levels, go to the book page, and the Lexile will be displayed. Common Core Correlations can also be found on the book page.

Drawing Lessons (Booklist Review 11/1/13)

"For fairy fans, here's a treat" starts Booklist review on 11/1/13. Simple step-by-step directions show you how to create your own fairy lands. Draw the Magic Fairy written by Rosa M. Curto. Visit Enslow.com for Common Core connections.
#arted  #art #originality

January 08, 2014

Horses that Help in January 2014 Horse News

Loren Spiotta-DiMare's new four book series, Horses That Help with the American Human Association, has received a great write up in this month's Horse News.  The article has an provides an in-depth view of Loren's experience writing the series and talks about many of the working horses and their trainers that appear in each of the 4 titles. The article appears on page 19 of the January 2014 Horse News.

Titles in the Horses That Help with the American Humane Association series are available in Library, Paperback, and eBook editions.  Please visit Enslow.com for more information.

The Case of Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Recommended LMC review of Body System Disease Investigations starring super sleuth Annie Biotica. "With its colorful, concise fomrat, this series is as delightful as gross body books come." says Library Media Connection (Aut/Sept 2013) reviewer Jenny Gapp. In this series written by Michell Faulk, PhD, our hero has to solve five medical mystery cases. Readers will love the 'You solve the case' which will involve students in the medical science of each case.  Perfect for Science Friday and Common Core Nonfiction Reading.  Visit Enslow.com for more information.  #science #STEM #CommonCore

January 07, 2014

The Civil War Through Primary Sources review

Nice LMC review of new series: 'The Civil War through Primary Sources, by author Carin T. Ford.  "The books contain photographs, pictures, maps, and various documents, which help the reader become immersed in the time period."  Library Media Connections review Nov/Dec 2013.  Four books in the series. Visit our Web site Enslow.com for more information and Common Core Connections.

January 06, 2014

Pop-Tastic Popcorn Recipe!

Great Booklist review (11/1/13) of Professor Cook's... series:  "...kid-friendly recipes with scientific explanations and jazzy graphics..." Here is the recipe for:

'Pop-Tastic Popcorn':
1. Place 2 tbsp corn oil in medium-sized saucepan until oil is hot, but not smoking.
2. Add 2-1/2 oz popcorn kernels and stir. Cover with lid, and place over high heat. Hold the top on!
3. In a separate pan, melt 1 tbsp salted butter until foaming, then add 1 crushed clove garlic, 1 tsp curry powder, 1/2 tsp mild chili powder and stir for 30 seconds.
4. Add the popped corn to the butter mixture and stir well.
Place in bowl, sprinkle with salt.
(The Science Bit (with each recipe!): When heated the trapped moisture in the corn kernel expands and turns to steam. The buildup of steam is so intense that it bursts through the hard outer shell and the starch inside the kernel explodes, literally turning it inside out.  Enslow Publishers, Inc. Visit this link for Common Core connections: http://tiny.cc/a6o98w

January 03, 2014

How Can You Sooth a Sore Throat?

How Can You Sooth a Sore Throat? It's that time of the year: sore throat season.  Authors Alvin and Virginia Silverstein and Laura Silverstein Nunn explain all you need to know in their new series Handy Health Guides. In Handy Health Guides to Sore Throats they explain how to avoid getting a sore throat and what you can do to feel better if you get one. They recommend that if you have a sore throat that you try to keep your throat moist by running a humidifier, sucking on hard candy or throat lozenges, and drinking plenty of fluids. Visit the series page to find Common Core connections. Enslow Publishers, Inc.

BookLinks Review of What Are Forces and Motion?

Nice review in BookLinks (November 2013) of Richard and Louise Spilsbury's book What Are Forces and Motions? "Diagrams and photos of children performing the experiments aid comprehension and the scientific process." View In Touch with Basic Science series page on our website for Common Core Connections. Enslow Publishers, Inc.

New 2014 series on Insects!

Zoom In on Insects is written for the beginning reader. Each of the 6 titles covers a different insect. Color photographs show the insects in their habitat, as well as up close images of the insect's features. Written by Melissa Stewart, these books are sure to please the young insect lover!

Available in library, paperback, and e-book formats, these books can be found at your preferred vendor, local bookstores, enslow.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Snow Day in the Northeast!

First Snow of 2014! A shot of the Enslow Publishers front door. 

January 02, 2014

LMC Review: American Revolution through Primary Sources

Great Review in Library Media Connection of  The American Revolution through Primary Sources, written by John Micklos, Jr.  The LMC review appears in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue: "...high interest overview...kid-friendly...appealing format...use these readable volumes to teach Common Core Standards."  Description from the web site: The primary source documents and interior illustrations in these books help make the Revolutionary War come to life. Written for the secondary-level reader, the major issues, events, and people of that time period are introduced. To discover why this war was fought, the activities and contributions of women and children, American Indians, and African-Americans are discussed. There are six books in this series.  Available in Library Edition, Paperback, Multi-user eBook.

Students' New Year's Resolutions and saving money

For the middle grade student, the Be Smart About Money and Financial Literacy series helps students develop the skill and strategies needed for financial planning, savings, and investment. This six-book series also contains math and financial literacy questions at the end of each chapter, helping students to see how financial planning will make their lives easier in the long run.

Topics covered include credit, investing, money, shopping, careers, and the student's future. This series will be correlated to the Common Core, and are available in library, paperback, and eBook formats.

These titles are available from your preferred vendor, your local independent bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and enslow.com.