August 30, 2012

Happy Frankenstein Day!

Library Edition: 978-0-7660-4084-7
Frankenstein Day is celebrated on author Mary Shelley's birthday, August 30th.

In Enslow's new graphic novel version of Shelley's book, Frankenstein, Author Sergio A. Sierra and illustrator Meritxell Ribas reanimate Mary Shelley’s classic tale. Traumatized by the death of his mother, young Victor Frankenstein vows to discover the secrets of life and death. He assembles a monster from parts of corpses and uses electricity to bring it to life. Horrified by what he has done, Frankenstein abandons the creature, who is met by fear, rejection, and violence wherever he goes. He learns to loathe himself and his creator and sets out to destroy everyone Frankenstein loves. Our graphic novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: A Graphic Novel includes safe 'PG' text and illustrations.

Celebrate Frankenstein Day by watching the classic movie or enjoy this famous monster comes alive clip!

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August 28, 2012

Enslow Fall 2012 Catalog Features Common Core

Enslow Publishers' Fall 2012 catalog is available! The printed edition is being delivered to schools, public libraries, and commercial accounts now. If you want to see the catalog immediately, you can access an electronic version of it at

We're excited about our Fall 2012 catalog, as it represents a new direction for Enslow Publishers. Thanks to strong interest in the Common Core, we've organized our catalog by four major curricular areas: language arts, math, science, and social studies. Many books also include key reading level information, such as Guided Reading Levels.

Importantly, we provide a path to find Common Core correlation details for many titles in the catalog. You'll discover that our books offer a wealth of correlations across multiple grade levels. Enslow's strong editorial quality also assures you that each book will deliver the rich informational text Common Core and state requirements demand. In short, they're the right, age-appropriate content for these times.

We believe Enslow's new Common Core catalog for Fall 2012, with 13 new series, offers outstanding collection value. Order now to have these new books in time for your library or classroom needs!

August 27, 2012

Walking on the Moon

Library Binding 978-0-7660-4076-2
Enslow has just released a new series American Space Missions–Astronauts, Exploration, and Discovery, which includes Walking on the Moon. This title is all about that famous trip on Apollo 11 that landed Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins on the moon --- the first time any human being had done so.

Did you know that Neil's line, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" was actually written by him for that moment?

This 48-page title details how these astronauts trained, describing how Neil Armstrong maneuvered the Eagle, which was the lunar module of Apollo 11, onto the surface of the moon, while running low on fuel. Eagle had been programmed to land on a certain spot, but Neil had to override the system because the landing area had too many boulders which would have damaged the lunar module.

After performing their tasks and splashing to Earth in the ocean, these three men then had to remain quarantined for eighteen days. There was a concern that they had possibly brought alien germs back with them.

This title, and the other five titles in this series, are available from your preferred vendor or from Enslow directly.

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August 24, 2012

20th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew. This is a reminder that we should be ready at all times for all types of disasters. Hurricane season is great time to talk to students about being prepared and what to expect when disasters strike. Hurricanes: The Science Behind Killer Storms is part of our six-book series The Science Behind Natural Disasters.
Library Edition ISBN: 978-0-7660-2971-2
Grades 5–6

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August 23, 2012

It's National Inventors Month

Library ISBN 978-0-7660-3963-6
Paperback ISBN 978-1-4644-0130-5
Enslow has three series on inventors. The first one, I Like Inventors, is a new 2012 series for the elementary reader, and contains 6 books: Madam C. J. Walker created her own line of hair-care products; George Ferris invented the ferris wheel; Philo Farnsworth invented the television; Ralph Baer invented the home video game; James Naismith invented basketball; and Vivien Thomas was a doctor's assistant who invented a new surgery technique used on babies with heart problems.

Library ISBN 978-0-7660-2847-0
For the middle grade student, Genius at Work! Great Inventor Biographies has 13 titles perfect for those readers. This series features the inventors above, as well as Les Paul who created the electric guitar; Igor Sikorsky who created helicopters; W. K. Kellogg, the founder of the cereal company; Theodore Maiman who invented the laser; Samuel Colt, who invented a handgun that did not need to be reloaded; Thomas Gallaudet,  who created sign language; and Stephanie Kwolek, the inventor of the bullet-resistant vest.

Library ISBN 978-1-59845-050-7
Also for the middle grade student, Inventors Who Changed the World has 7 titles. These titles are longer in length than the other two series. Alexander Graham Bell, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Johannes Gutenberg, Louis Pasteur, Marconi and Tesla, Philo T. Farnsworth, and Thomas Edison are covered in this series.

All of these titles are available directly from Enslow or your preferred vendor.

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August 22, 2012

We Have a Winner!

Check out the Winner of our Rafflecopter Book Giveaway! Kirsten L chose the following Enslow title to receive for FREE! Watch for more back-to-school book giveaways coming in September.

Grades 1–2
Library Binding ISBN: 978-0-7660-3980-3
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4644-0069-8

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August 21, 2012

It's Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

Library Binding 978-0-7660-4044-1
Looking for titles to add to your Kindergarten collection? Enslow has added two new series to its collection of preschool to grade one titles. Both of these series have been mentioned in blog entries recently.

There are eight titles in the All About Community Helpers series and All About Counting in the Biomes series contains six titles. Both of these series are new for fall 2012. With the addition of these two series, Enslow now has a total of fifteen preschool series.

All About American Symbols, All About Nature, and All About a Rainbow of Animals are the three series that were introduced in spring 2012.

All of these titles can be ordered directly from Enslow or your preferred vendor.

Also, don't forget to stock up on those crayons, pencils, paper, and other supplies!

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August 20, 2012

Don't forget to sign up for our monthly raffle!

It's not too late to enter our August book raffle. At the beginning of September, we will pick one name from August's raffle entrants and give them $100 in free books! Enter today!

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New preschool series on counting and biomes

All About Counting in the Biomes, a new fall 2012 series from Enslow Elementary, focuses on showing preschoolers and early readers the different types of animals and plants found in different biomes, while helping them learn to count to ten at the same time.

Library ISBN 978-0-7660-4052-6
This six-book series is available as library bound titles. Each book is 24 pages long and every title in this series was written by Aaron R. Murray. Topics covered include the desert, the forest, the grasslands, the oceans, the rain forest, and the tundra.

These titles are available directly from Enslow or from your preferred vendor.

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August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Davy Crockett

American hero, Davy Crockett was born August 17, 1786. Although his brave deeds at the Alamo made him legendary, Crockett had already gained fame as a hunter, soldier, and U.S. Congressman.

Authors William R. Sanford and Carl R. Green explore the life of this American hero in our new title, Davy Crockett, Courageous Hero of the Alamo.
ISBN: 978-0-7660-4005-2

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August 16, 2012

August is Art Appreciation Month

Thinking about Art Appreciation Month brought back memories of how when my children were young
they spent one week each August with their grandparents on the lake. During this time their grandmother, whose hobby is painting, always included painting projects in their daily activities. They painted rocks and slates that are still displayed in my flower gardens today. They also created many watercolor paintings throughout the week. On the day we would go to pick them up there would be an art show waiting for us. Their masterpieces were carefully propped up around the living room for us to view. Then all of us shopped and purchased the paintings from them for small change.

Tomorrow my youngest daughter leaves for college. We went to the bookstore last night to pick up a few books and magazines she wanted to take with her. She also picked up a new sketchbook and spent some time sketching late into the night. I couldn't help but wonder how much her love for creating art has been influenced by those summer art sessions with grandma.

So, whether it's a sharing a drawing book, purchasing a new box of crayons, pulling out an easel, or a sketchbook, don't forget to celebrate Art Appreciation Month. You never know who you might inspire!

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August 15, 2012

A new series on Community Helpers

Enslow has just published an eight book series on community helpers, geared toward the preschool and beginning reader. The role of the community helper gives the reader the opportunity to ask "who, what, when, where, and why" questions.

Library ISBN 978-0-7660-4045-8
Teachers and Nurses are two titles helpful for those first-time students, explaining what the people in those positions do, and how they interact with the student.

Other titles in the series include: Dentists, EMTs, Firefighers, Nurses, Police Officers, Sanitation Workers, and Veterinarians.

Years ago, my sister worked as a nanny for a family with three children. The youngest child loved going to the firehouse. It literally became an almost-daily visit. The firemen quickly learned both of their names and would greet them as they approached the building. Is this child a fireman today? No, but his fascination with the trucks, the building, and the firemen themselves kept him wanting to go back. Do you know of a child like him?

Posted by Pam

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Enslow's New "Constitution and US Government" Series -- Just In Time for the Elections!

In the coming weeks, the presidential campaigns will be running full tilt. It's a wonderful opportunity for librarians, teachers, and family members to provide useful information about the presidency, the branches of the federal government, and the United States Constitution.

Enslow Publishers' new "The Constitution and the United States Government" series provides a compact, useful resource to address these needs. This five-title series offers age-appropriate, reliable background on the various governmental branches, the principal national security agencies, and the Constitution itself. Each book is 104 pages long, features well-chosen illustrations, and includes excellent citations for further reference.

All titles in "The Constitution and the United States Government" are available now from Enslow Publishers. Library-bound editions are available for $23.95; the price represents a 25% school/library discount from Enslow's list price for these items.

August 13, 2012

I Love Our Water

Library ISBN 978-0-7660-4042-7
With the ongoing drought in the nation, explaining to elementary students exactly why water is needed, and what happens when there is not enough of it, can be a challenge.

Written for elementary students by Carol Greene, this 24-page title introduces students to water, explains why it is important, explains what can happen to water, and gives tips on how to protect and use less of it.

Other titles in this series include: I Love Our Air; I Love Our Animals; I Love Our Forests; I Love Our Land; and I Love Our People.

August 10, 2012

Back-to-School Book Giveaway Starts Today!

Welcome to our Back-to-School Book Giveaway. Our new fall titles are now available and we're celebrating! Win a FREE Enslow book of  your choice from our new Fall 2012 Common Core E-Catalog. Enter today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

August 09, 2012

Happy Book Lovers Day! Find Out Where Enslow Employees Love to Read.

Today and is Book Lovers Day so we took a survey in our office as to where everyone loves to read books. Here are the results:

  • Both Kristen and Karen love to read books on the beach. 
  • Nicole loves to read books in bed before she falls asleep. 
  • Dave loves to read books in his daughter's room with both little girls curled up on the bed. 
  • Pam loves to read books on the dock at the lake or on her patio. 
  • Stacey loves to read books in her bedroom or living room. 
  • Linda loves to read books in her lounge chair on the deck. 
  • Derick loves to read books anywhere and everywhere.
  • Kurt loves to read books in the bathroom.
  • John loves to read books in bed, while he's eating, and when he's flying.
  • Tim loves to read books on public transportation.
  • David loves to read books floating on a tube in the pool.

So don't forget to take some time today to read a book even if you can't get to your favorite place.

August 08, 2012

August 8th is the U.S. Dollar's Birthday!

The U.S. Dollar became the official currency of the United States on August 8, 1785.  The U.S. Dollar took its name from the Spanish dollar, which had been widely circulated in colonial America, especially after the start of the Revolutionary War.  At Enslow, we're commemorating this bit of financial history with a look at a  few of our best books on financial literacy:

Money Math with Sebastian Pig and Friends At the Farmer's Market, for Grades 1-3, is a brightly illustrated adventure in which the reader gets to help Sebastian Pig and his friends solve simple money problems at the farmer's market.

Our "I Like Money Math!" series, for Grades K-3, gets young learners used to solving every-day money math problems.  All books in the "I Like Money Math!" series have free supplemental materials, including teacher's guides and worksheets, which makes this series great for tutors and classroom use!

Look for these books at your local library,, or your favorite online bookseller!

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August 07, 2012

Enslow's Olympic Men's Hoops Player Bios Available Now

The United States Olympic men's basketball team reached the knockout phase of the medal rounds yesterday. The road to the medal rounds has not been entirely smooth, with the Lithuanian and Argentine team offering the American squad strong competition.

The American squad includes a number of well-known NBA stars. The spotlight of the London 2012 Games presents librarians and parents with an opportunity to offer biographies of prominent US basketball players that are on TV now.

Enslow Publishers offers an excellent selection of high-interest biographies of these sports celebrities. Read About Carmelo Anthony and Read About Kobe Bryant offer 24-page biographies of these Olympians. Author David Torsiello's Guided Reading Level "I" titles include excellent photos and a reader-friendly design. The books, included in Enslow's "I Like Sports Stars" series, are available in paperback for $6.95; a library-bound edition of each book is available for $15.95. The library-bound price represents a 25% school/library discount from Enslow's list price for those items.

Enslow's LeBron James: A Basketball Star Who Cares offers a more challenging text suitable for readers in grades 3-4. Author Kimberly Gatto's 48-page work draws particular attention to "King James'" philanthropic work and his strong character. The Guided Reading Level "O" book includes game action photos, career statistics, and an address to write the Miami Heat star. A paperback version of this book, part of the "Sports Stars Who Care" series, is available for $7.95. A library-bound edition is also available for $17.95; the price represents a 25% school/library discount from Enslow's list price.

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August 06, 2012

It's International (and National) Assistance Dog Week

ISBN 978-0-7660-3199-9
Created to recognize all of those hardworking assistance dogs around the world, the goal of International Assistance Dog Week, as well as National Assistance Dog Week, is to educate the public about the roles in society these amazing dogs perform, as well as recognize and honor the dogs themselves. Could you raise a puppy in your home and then give that puppy back to the organization so that a disabled person would have the ability to be helped by that dog? Lots of credit is to be given to those that raise and train these animals.

Do you have students interested in learning more? Service Dog Heroes, written for the elementary level reader, provides the basics about these incredible dogs. Starting with a story about the assistance a golden retriever gives her handler, the book describes the history of the service dog, which breeds are the most popular service dogs, the training involved, what happens to these dogs when they retire, and more.

August 03, 2012

The Coast Guard Celebrates Anniversary

August 4th marks the 222nd anniversary of the U.S. Coast Guard. On this date in 1790 President George Washington signed the Tariff Act. This allowed for the construction of 10 vessels known as "cutters." The history of the Coast Guard has often reflected the growth of maritime interests at home and overseas. Many of their original duties are an essential piece of homeland and port-security duties today. As the oldest continuous maritime service, the Coast Guard once served as our country's Navy. Today, the Coast Guard provides crews and ships in support of the U.S. Navy during times of war.

ISBN: 978-0-7660-2493-9