August 06, 2012

It's International (and National) Assistance Dog Week

ISBN 978-0-7660-3199-9
Created to recognize all of those hardworking assistance dogs around the world, the goal of International Assistance Dog Week, as well as National Assistance Dog Week, is to educate the public about the roles in society these amazing dogs perform, as well as recognize and honor the dogs themselves. Could you raise a puppy in your home and then give that puppy back to the organization so that a disabled person would have the ability to be helped by that dog? Lots of credit is to be given to those that raise and train these animals.

Do you have students interested in learning more? Service Dog Heroes, written for the elementary level reader, provides the basics about these incredible dogs. Starting with a story about the assistance a golden retriever gives her handler, the book describes the history of the service dog, which breeds are the most popular service dogs, the training involved, what happens to these dogs when they retire, and more.

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