August 08, 2012

August 8th is the U.S. Dollar's Birthday!

The U.S. Dollar became the official currency of the United States on August 8, 1785.  The U.S. Dollar took its name from the Spanish dollar, which had been widely circulated in colonial America, especially after the start of the Revolutionary War.  At Enslow, we're commemorating this bit of financial history with a look at a  few of our best books on financial literacy:

Money Math with Sebastian Pig and Friends At the Farmer's Market, for Grades 1-3, is a brightly illustrated adventure in which the reader gets to help Sebastian Pig and his friends solve simple money problems at the farmer's market.

Our "I Like Money Math!" series, for Grades K-3, gets young learners used to solving every-day money math problems.  All books in the "I Like Money Math!" series have free supplemental materials, including teacher's guides and worksheets, which makes this series great for tutors and classroom use!

Look for these books at your local library,, or your favorite online bookseller!

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