September 10, 2010

America Ferrera is one of the recipients of the Children's Choices for 2010 award

Children’s Choices, a joint project of the International Reading Association (IRA) and the Children’s Book Council (CBC), is an annual list of favorite new books chosen by 12,500 school children.

America Ferrera, part of the Hot Celebrity Biographies series, is available in both library bound and paperback.

Hero Dogs of 9/11 video

K-9 Sirius and his handler, Officer Lim who are in this video are also mentioned in our new Search and Rescue Dog Heroes book from our Amazing Working Dogs with American Humane series series. Each book begins with a true story about a real dog hero.

Remembering September 11th

As you already know, the 9th anniversary of the September 11th attacks is tomorrow.

This fall, we have a brand new book about the September 11th attacks called Remembering September 11, 2001: What We Know Now

This book traces the events of that day, gives the historical background, and outlines the steps taken in response so that readers will gain an understanding of the horrific attacks and their consequences.

There is memorial ceremonies in New York City tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Joe Perry

One of the founding members of Aerosmith, Joe Perry is celebrating his birthday today.

This title is available in both library bound and paperback versions.

September 09, 2010

On this day in history

Elvis Presley made the first of three appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Enslow has a biography on Elvis for the high school reader.

Happy Birthday Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is one of the biggest comedy film stars in the world today. He starred in many box-office smashes, from The Waterboy, to The Wedding Singer, to Funny People. What many do not know, however, is how much time and money Sandler has generously devoted to charitable causes, including charities that help fight autism, research treatments for spinal cord injuries, and give aid to those suffering in the war-torn region of Darfur in Africa.

This title is available in both library-bound and paperback versions.

The Rolling Stones to tour 2011-2012?

Being a huge Stones fan who has never seen them in concert, I am so excited to hear that they are thinking of their 50th anniversary "farewell tour" (okay, how many of these have they really had though? I think their first farewell tour was in 1970).

With Mick Jagger and Keith Richards pushing 70, this tour really has got to be it. Drummer Charlie Watts explains that a tour is in the works in this article.
Before the tour, it might be a good idea to pick up Enslow's newest title in the Rebels of Rock series, The Rolling Stones: The Greatest Rock Band and learn more about the band. This book is also available in paperback!

September 08, 2010

Today would have been Ron McKernan's birthday

One of the founding members of the Grateful Dead, Ron McKernan played the organ, harmonica, and percussion. He occasionally sang as well as played the guitar. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994 with the other members of the Grateful Dead.

Grateful Dead is part of Enslow's Rebels of Rock series. The entire series is available in both library and paperback versions.

September 07, 2010

On this day in history

TV pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth succeeded in transmitting an image through purely electronic means by using a device called an image dissector.

In The Teen Who Invented Television, Edwin Brit Wyckoff shows how Farnsworth, a fifteen-year-old farmer's son, dreamed of using electrons carried by radio waves to create the first electronic television and went on to develop over 100 other patents.

September 04, 2010

Today would have been Richard Wright's birthday

Credited with developing the protest novel, Richard Wright became the first best-selling African-American writer of the twentieth century. Regarded by many as a masterpiece, his book Black Boy took the literary tradition of the narrative to new heights by providing a first-hand account of living in the South as an African American male during the Jim Crow era.

September 03, 2010

John Lennon: "Imagine"

I have been a Beatles fan ever since I was little, which is unusual for a girl born in 1986. I remember in 7th grade, we all had to do presentations on something to increase our public speaking skills. Most girls picked topics like the Spice Girls, new fashions, or Hello Kitty: and I picked The Beatles.

Anyway, we have this great new unauthorized biography out by Jeff Burlingame called John Lennon: "Imagine".

I just started reading it and am fascinated by Lennon's life so far. There's a lot of things I knew, but things I didn't know; like Strawberry Fields was actually an ophanage near John's house growing up that he used to play by.

Now would be the perfect time to stock up on this title and give it a read because the movie Nowhere Boy is coming out in the US October 8, 2010. It already came out in the UK last year. It's a story about Lennon's childhood, which accompanies Burlingame's book well. I am really excited to go see the movie after I finish the book.

To learn more about the book and how you can order it, go here.

Happy Birthday Shaun White

Shaun White: Snow and Skateboard Champion
Author: Marty Gitlin
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3212-5
Publication Year: 2009
Interest Level: Grades 5-9
Page Count: 48

Shaun White has become an icon of the extreme sports world. He has dominated in both snowboarding and skateboarding, despite being years younger than many of his competitors. With an Olympic Gold Medal added to his trophy case, there’s no telling how high this guy will fly!

September 02, 2010

Here Comes Hurricane Earl!

With Hurricane Earl heading up the East Coast of the United States, we thought it would be interesting to learn more about these storms.

Hurricanes develop in the North Atlantic Ocean, the northeastern Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Caribbean Sea. Typhoons are storms that develop in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, near Japan and the Philippines. Storms that develop near Australia and the Indian Ocean are called cyclones. These are all tropical cyclones, and are used to describe "any storm over the tropical oceans that spins in a circle around a center of low pressure." They are known by different names, depending on where they form.

Hurricanes: The Science Behind Killer Storms discusses Hurricane Katrina, explains how hurricanes are tracked, gives tips for staying safe during one of these storms, and more. This title is part of The Science Behind Natural Disasters series.

Imagining the Future series

Imagine if someday your class could visit faraway places or go back in time with the push of a button. Where would you like to go? What might you learn?

Enslow’s new Imagining the Future series includes six titles that not only teach children about the past and present, but also includes open-ended questions, like these, to stimulate young readers’ imaginations about the future. Topics include schools, staying in touch, houses, getting around, community helpers, and how children play. This unique series is not only great for teaching social studies but also makes a wonderful addition to lessons on technology for grades K–3.

Enslow introduces its new Yucky Science series

With all of the talk about bedbugs recently, we thought we'd include a little bit of information about them.

"During the daytime, bedbugs hide in places close to where people sleep. Their tiny, flat bodies make it easy for them to slip into little cracks in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards."

They then come out at night and get "their blood meal from sleeping humans."

See the entire series here.

September 01, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil: Self-Help Guru and TV Superstar
Author: Mary Main
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2696-4
Publication Year: 2007
Interest Level: Grades 6-up
Page Count: 128

One of the most visible and recognizable men in America today, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw is a best-selling author, life coach, and the star of "The Dr. Phil Show." Dr. Phil was not always wealthy and successful. His experiences as a child and young adult taught him that setting firm goals and working hard would eventually result in the life he wanted. Dr. Phil's combination of psychotherapy, folksy humor and common sense advice continue to make him one of America’s most popular celebrities.

Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards: Hunters of the Snow and Ice, written by Elaine Landau, has been published.

How do snow leopards survive in the snowy mountains? How do they find things to eat, and raise their cubs? What are people doing to help save them? Learn about these rare and special animals, including facts about their life cycle, diet, and other unique features that help them survive the snow and ice.

32 pages, full-color photographs, Enslow Publishers, Inc.
ISBN 13:

Other titles in the series include: Beluga Whales, Emperor Penguins, Harp Seals, Polar Bears, Snow Leopards, and Snowy Owls.

Happy Birthday Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan Never Give Up
Author: Barbara Kramer
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-2380-2
Publication Year: 2005
Interest Level: Grades 3-4
Page Count: 48

Gloria Estefan says the challenges of her life have made her strong. Today, Estefan is loved and admired not only for her music but for her generosity in giving back to the community. Young readers will be enthralled and inspired by the tragedies and triumphs that have shaped the life of this superstar singer.

August 31, 2010

Character Education Begins On Opening Day

The launching of the 2010-2011 school year provides educators with new opportunities to present, encourage, and successfully teach character education. This pursuit often dovetails with students' literacy development, thereby linking the development of desirable behavioral aspirations with measurable academic achievement. One need for instructional staff and administrators is to identify materials that address these important teaching and learning goals.

Enslow Publishers' character education series -- "Character Education with Super Ben and Molly the Great" -- is designed for teachers and students in grades K-3. The Guided Reading Levels for the books in the series (Level E or F, depending on the title) make them useful supplemental reading tools for on-level second grade students, first graders ready for a more advanced reading challenge, and third graders who require materials suitable for their tested reading level.

Each 24-page title in author Shelley Marshall's light-hearted, eight-book series highlights an essential character education topic in an age-appropriate way. Positive character traits are revealed through the use of approachable animal characters and a fun narrative style that engages young readers.

The series spotlights the following character traits: caring, courage, sharing, healthy habits, punctuality, citizenship, honesy, and responsibility.

The books are available in paperback for $6.95 per copy; they're also available in a library-bound format. Check out the Enslow Classroom website -- -- for more information and free downloadable teacher's guides for "Character Education with Super Ben and Molly the Great" and other classroom-friendly nonfiction series!

August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Rob Halford

Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford, celebrates his birthday today. As the band's lyricist, he is the face of the group. Formed in Birmingham, England, Judas Priest was the first metal band to popularize wearing black leather and studs onstage.

Written by Brian J. Bowe, this biography for middle school readers will keep the interest of Judas Priest and heavy metal fans.