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January 07, 2011

Enslow author Linda Bozzo and search and rescue book featured in newspaper article

Linda Bozzo, an Enslow author, was featured in an article in the New Jersey Herald.

After interviewing a police officer, Linda wrote Search and Rescue Dog Heroes, using that interview with Lt. Ellicott in the book. Both Blaze, Lt. Ellicott's current canine partner, and Radar, his former canine partner, are discussed in the book, along with descriptions of their job responsibilities.

To read the article, click here.

October 01, 2010

Missing hiker found after 6 days!

Edward Rosenthal, a real estate broker survived six days without food or water in Joshua Tree National Park in California. He thought for sure he was never going to be found, so wrote all over his hat his wishes for his family and friends when he passed on, making sure that Persian food was to be served at his funeral.

Rosenthal was found thanks to the relentless of the search team, which included many Search and Rescue Dog Heroes.

It's funny, because as I was reading this story, I was handed our brand new True Rescue Stories books that just came in. This is the type of story that can be found in True Wilderness Rescue Stories. These thrilling stories are 48 pages long and even include tips on how to survive!

Have you ever had an encounter like Rosenthal's, or known someone who has?

September 10, 2010

Hero Dogs of 9/11 video

K-9 Sirius and his handler, Officer Lim who are in this video are also mentioned in our new Search and Rescue Dog Heroes book from our Amazing Working Dogs with American Humane series series. Each book begins with a true story about a real dog hero.