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November 19, 2010

127 Hours and True Mountain Rescue Stories

By now, we've all heard of Aron Ralston's amazing journey in the mountains. He was the man who went hiking in the rigorous Utah terrain and falls into a cavern where a boulder pins his arm against a rock wall. He only had one choice if he wanted to survive: to cut off his own right arm.

A movie has just been released about Aron's story; 127 Hours, starring James Franco.

Enslow has a great series out this fall called True Rescue Stories. Coincidentally, there seems to be so much news fitting this topic this fall (Chilean miners, etc.); it really is such a topical subject.

October 05, 2010

The high price of gold

"Did you know that the rising price of gold has caused outlaw mining companies and miners to explore abandoned mines? Outlaw miners will break through concrete seals on closed shafts to try to mine any remaining gold. In June 2009 there were reports that sixty-one miners died from a fire in an abandoned mine. Additional accidents have reportly killed an estimated twenty illegal miners in 2009."

This quote was taken from True Underground Rescue Stories.

October 01, 2010

Missing hiker found after 6 days!

Edward Rosenthal, a real estate broker survived six days without food or water in Joshua Tree National Park in California. He thought for sure he was never going to be found, so wrote all over his hat his wishes for his family and friends when he passed on, making sure that Persian food was to be served at his funeral.

Rosenthal was found thanks to the relentless of the search team, which included many Search and Rescue Dog Heroes.

It's funny, because as I was reading this story, I was handed our brand new True Rescue Stories books that just came in. This is the type of story that can be found in True Wilderness Rescue Stories. These thrilling stories are 48 pages long and even include tips on how to survive!

Have you ever had an encounter like Rosenthal's, or known someone who has?