February 01, 2013

Want to Know Why We Love Our Libraries?

February is the month of LOVE!
That's why February is also "Love Your Library Month"
 which is an opportunity to celebrate libraries and what they mean to our communities. So, we decided to compose a top ten list of reasons why our employees love their libraries. Starting with #10...

10. You can surf the internet for free.

9. You can get kind, friendly assistance        when researching a topic.

8. Story hours that are magic hours for both parents and children.

7. It's a place where you can go when you've lost your electricity and heat due to a hurricane.

6. They offer free concerts and wonderful art exhibits.

5. You can take great classes and lectures on interesting topics.

4. Their large selection of movies and music.
3. It's quiet.

2. It's a great place to introduce children to reading and learning to share.

And the #1 reason why everyone said they love their libraries...for the FREE BOOKS!

January 31, 2013

Happy Golden Birthday Justin Timberlake

A successful musician and actor, Justin Timberlake turns 31 on the 31st which makes it his "Golden Birthday" this year. 

Justin at a Glance:

Full name: Justin Randall Timberlake
Birthday: January 31, 1981
Nickname: JT
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Breakfast cereal
Enjoys: Golfing, skiing, and snowboarding
Favorite sport: Basketball
Collects: Sports jerseys and sneakers
Fears: Snakes, sharks, and spiders

For more fun facts about Justin Timberlake and his successful career, check our Justin Timberlake: Breakout Music Superstar  from our Hot Celebrity Biographies series available in both library binding and in paperback from Enslow, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your preferred vendor.

Watch for more celebrity biographies coming this fall. The list is sizzling with stars like Adele, Demi Lovato, Drake, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Logan Lerman!

January 29, 2013

Oprah at 59

Oprah Winfrey is celebrating her 59th birthday today. The media star, cable network owner, and philanthropist's journey provides a fascinating story for young readers to consider. Enslow Publishers' new Spring 2013 title, Oprah Winfrey: Biography of a Billionaire Talk-Show Host, delves into the details of her life and career. Author Robin Westen's ATOS 8.1, 104-page book provides useful insights into Winfrey's activities and opinions during her eventful climb from obscurity to global fame.

The book, part of the "African-American Icons" series, is available directly from Enslow Publishers in library-bound edition for $19.95; that price represents a 25% school/library customer discount from Enslow's list price. The book is also available from your preferred vendor, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

January 28, 2013

Anniversary of Challenger disaster

Library ISBN 978-0-7660-4073-1
On this day in 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded 72 seconds after it took off from Florida's Cape Canaveral. A history teacher, Christa McAuliffe, was the first passenger/observer of the Teacher in Space Program.

In Space Shuttle Disaster, author Henry M. Holden describes what happened that day, which was the worst tragedy in the history of the space program. Author Holden explains the background of the launch, including issues with ice because Florida had recently been experiencing very cold temperatures. There were three different types of astronauts on the shuttle: the flight crew, mission specialists, and payload specialists. Job descriptions for each astronaut type is explained.

After the tragedy, President Ronald Reagan created a special commission to determine how this accident happened, and how to prevent something like this from happening again in the future. The commission came up with recommendations, however those recommendations had to be backed up with physical proof.

This book (and the entire series) would be of interest to the student fascinated with space flight, as well as discovering and exploring space.

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January 25, 2013

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 27 is designated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, this year's theme is "Rescue during the Holocaust: The Courage to Care."

Through the powerful words of Holocaust victims—the survivors and the murdered—bystanders, and perpetrators, the books in our The Holocaust Through Primary Sources series highlight a variety of individual experiences describing major events of the Holocaust. Gripping primary source accounts give the text a strong emotional element and keep the reader interested. Filled with color photos of primary source artifacts and black-and-white period photos, each book contains stories from men, women, and children.

 As the Warsaw ghetto in Poland went up in flames in April 1943, Jewish fighters fought bravely for twenty-seven days against Nazi soldiers. With deportation to a death camp all but certain, young Jews in the ghetto decided not to go quietly. Although the Nazis defeated the Jewish resistance group, the spirit of the uprising lived on. For Jews living in Europe during the Holocaust, survival was often the only form of resistance. But Jews in ghettos, concentration camps, and partisan groups across Europe did fight back. Told through the words of teen resisters, author Ann Byers details the stories of courageous young people who fought back against Nazi Germany in our second Holocaust series, True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust.You can read a free chapter clicking here.

January 24, 2013

Interview with a Zombie (Author)

Author Nadia Higgins
Nadia Higgins is the author of a new four-book series, Zombie Zappers, that will be published this fall under our new trade imprint, Speeding Star. Thanks to authors like Nadia, beginning in the fall of 2013, Speeding Star will be providing easy-to-read books on topics of high interest in an effort to keep boys and young men reading.

Now on with the interview!

How is the Zombie Zappers series different from other books you’ve written?

Well, put it this way. The last fiction series I did was a set of six fractured fairy tales ... the covers were light purple with fancy cursive writing. I also write 10-15 nonfiction school library books a year.

What kinds of research did you have to do in order to write a series about zombies?
I read every zombie book for kids I could find. I scoured the Internet and eavesdropped on zombie chat groups. The most fun was watching zombie movies with my husband every weekend. I think I was the first person ever to take notes while watching Night of the Living Dead. I didn't want to forget ideas that popped into my head while I was watching. So I'd scribble notes like, "Zombies as pets? ... Animal zombies? .... Strategy: pretend to be a zombie to escape zombies."

What types of things did you make sure you included in the Zombie Zapper series? What types of things did you try to avoid?

I have two kids of my own and we read together every night. So, in other words, I have read every kind of children's book out there with my own personal test audience. The books that we enjoy the most have a few things in common. One of them is that the protagonists are whip smart and wildly imaginative. They make mistakes, sure, but they almost always solve their problems on their own. That's what I was going for as I developed the main characters.

As far as what to avoid--two things: stereotypes and that snarky tone you see out there a lot in dialogue for this age group.
  Why do you think kids are so fascinated by zombies?

What an interesting question. The gross-out factor is big, for sure. But I also think zombie combat is more interesting than other kinds of monster battles. It requires more strategy and wit. Then there are so many awesome questions to ponder: how to reverse a zombie back to a human, how to tame a zombie, how to survive a zombie apocalypse . . . Zombies are a fun-scary way to think about life-and-death questions.

One of the main characters, Roger, is Leo’s secret half-zombie friend living in his bedroom closet. What challenges does being friends with a half-zombie have?

Ha! Well, for one, you have to make sure that none of your friend's body parts accidentally fall off in public. Neighbors tend to get freaked out by stuff like that.

Zombie hunting is what bring these characters together but what is the real central theme readers will find in each of these books?

In addition to the zombie action, each book explores a theme about relationships. In Next-Door Zombie, for example, Leo blogs some lies about his next-door neighbor. His thoughtless remarks have serious consequences, and he needs to find a way to make things right.

What does it feel like when your best friend gets another good friend? What about when a friend takes credit for your work? How does it feel to be left out? These are some of the basic issues that the set explores.

Do you suspect that there are any zombies living in your neighborhood?

Yes--my kids when I try to wake them up in the morning!

What advice would you give kids if they ever meet a zombie on the street?

Whatever you don't, don't scream! That draws the hordes. Remember that you are a lot faster and smarter than zombies. You'll have to use your wits to outsmart them. Also, adults are rarely helpful during a zombie outbreak. It's up to you, kid!

Nadia Higgins is the author of more than sixty books for children. In addition to Zombie Zappers, her fiction includes Fiona and Frieda's Fairy-tale Adventures and a series of comical picture books, Barnacle Barb and Her Pirate Crew. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, two daughters, and their "guard" fish, Marie.

Please note: Members of the media who wish to review Zombie Zappers may request advanced reader copies by sending an email to: customerservice@enslow.com.

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January 22, 2013

Science + Fun = Enslow's Graphic-Style Series About Body System Diseases

We want to introduce you to Annie Biotica. This fictitious character is an investigator in Enslow Publishers' new Spring 2013 series "Body System Disease Investigations." Ms. Biotica tracks down the causes, impacts, and possible treatments for various infectious diseases. In addition to the Annie Biotica character device, each 48-page book uses a logical structure, solid facts, and graphic-style illustrations to create a fun, highly informative work. The series's writer, Michelle Faulk, Ph.D., skillfully integrates the real-world use of the scientific method into each title's narrative. In Faulk's The Case of the Flesh-Eating Bacteria, the author five unique medical cases, along with scenarios which the reader must solve.

The Case of the Flesh-Eating Bacteria, as well as other titles in this five-book series, is available in a library-bound edition for $17.95. That price represents a 25% school/library discount. The series is also available from your preferred vendor.

January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Library ISBN: 978-0-7660-4099-1
As part of its Famous African Americans series, Enslow has recently published an elementary biography about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Even though Martin Luther King's actual birthday is January 15, his life and accomplishments are celebrated on the third Monday of January.

Library ISBN: 978-0-7660-3043-5
In another Enslow title, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, elementary readers will learn more about this man. President Reagan signed a law in 1983 making Martin Luther King, Jr., Day a national holiday. Coretta Scott (Martin's widow) formed the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, Georgia. This center teaches visitors about nonviolence, and are able to read Dr. King's papers to see for themselves how he lived his life.

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January 18, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe Birthday January 19th

Edgar Allen Poe was born January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts. U.S. American short-story writer, poet, critic, and editor Edgar Allan Poe's tales of mystery and horror made him known as the inventor of the detective story and the master of the macabre. 
In Dark Graphic Tales by Edgar Allan Poe from our Dark Graphic Novels series, playright and theater director Denise Despeyroux and illustrator Miquel Serratosa take you on a dark, mysterious journey through three of Poe's short stories: 
Embark on a treasure hunt in "The Gold Bug"
 Visit an insane asylum in "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether"
Face psychological terror in "The Fall of the House of Usher"

ISBN: 978-0-7660-4086-1

This middle-school-level graphic novel features vivid illustrations and simplified language while keeping the dark, eerie tones of the original works. All of the titles in this series includes safe 'PG' text and illustrations.

This book is available from EnslowAmazonBarnes and Noble, or your preferred vendor.

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January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama!

Michelle Obama is celebrating her 49th birthday today. She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Did you know that she is the great-granddaughter of a slave? Michelle Obama made history when she became the first African-American first lady of the United States. She is a hardworking wife, mother, Harvard graduate, and community volunteer who brings grace and style to a new era in the White House. We wish her a happy birthday!

To read more about this amazing woman check out our book, Celebrating First Lady Michelle Obama from our Obama Family Photo Album series

From her childhood in Chicago to her days in the White House, this photo-biography celebrates the events in Michelle Obama’s life during her journey into history. Kids will also enjoy some fun photos of Michelle riding a bike with her daughter and doing the hula hoop!

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January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Albert Pujols!

January 16th, 1980 is the birthday of philanthropist and star baseball player Albert Pujols.  Born in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, Pujols and his family  emigrated to the United States in 1996.  Pujols has had a stellar career playing for the Cardinals and now the Angels, and, through his non-profit Pujols Family Foundation, he is a major advocate for individuals with Down's syndrome.  To learn more about Albert Pujols, check out Tom Needham's Albert Pujols: MVP On and Off the Field from the "Sports Stars With Heart" series.

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January 15, 2013

January 14, 2013

New elementary series about farm animals

Library ISBN 978-0-7660-4206-3
Enslow will soon be publishing a six-book series entitled Animals on the Family Farm. Written for the early elementary reader, this series explains the roles these different animals have on a real family farm, their diet, and how the farmer's family cares for them. Also included is a spread explaining the life cycle of that particular animal, as well as another spread with words to know and a photo of that animal, using arrows to point to the different body parts.

Written by Chana Stiefel, these books will interest and entertain elementary readers. The six animals featured are: chickens, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, and turkeys.

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January 11, 2013

The answer is....

Walter Dean Myers!

Drawing upon his own struggles and experiences, Myers has written award-winning novels such as Hoops, Scorpions, and Slam!–realistic stories that appeal to readers of all backgrounds and cultures. Today, Walter Dean Myers is a New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed author who has garnered much respect and admiration for his fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for young people. Winner of the first Michael L. Printz Award, he is considered one of the preeminent writers for children.

Walter Dean Myers: A Biography of an Award-Winning Urban Fiction Author from our African-American Icons series is available just in time to celebrate Black History Month.

Available from Enslow, Barnes and Noble, Amazon or your preferred vendor.

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January 10, 2013

Guess the African-American Icon

We've created a word cloud using words that describe an African-American icon that we have just published a new biography about. Can you guess who it is?

January 09, 2013

Congratulations to our December 2012 raffle winner!

Sorry for the delay in posting this information. We were waiting to hear back from our raffle winner before posting.

Congratulations to Waverly Junior High School in Tennessee! They won $100 in free books!

Ready for another giveaway?

We're as happy as pigs in mud about our new spring books so we're giving away free books from our new Spring 2013 Catalog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 08, 2013

Tennessee Celebrates Elvis' Birthday and Peyton's Playoff

Mississippi-born Elvis Presley and Louisiana-born Peyton Manning have one thing in common: they both made their names in Tennessee. We were reminded of this when we looked at the calendar today. January 8th is the late King's birthday; he would have been 78 years old and, well, still the King. Young readers can find out more about Presley's fascinating career in Enslow Publishers' unauthorized biography of the entertainer. Author John Micklos, Jr.'s 160-page work explores Presley's background, his rise through the music business, and his evolution into a movie and Vegas star.

Meanwhile, aristocrats of a different type will perform in the National Football League playoffs this Sunday. Peyton Manning, who graduated from and played for the University of Tennessee football team, will lead the Denver Broncos in their quest for a championship. Peyton, his brother Eli, and their father Archie  have been characterized as football royalty. That family connection is only part of what makes Peyton Manning's life such an uplifting, page-turning story. For readers in Grades 3-4, Enslow's Peyton Manning: Champion Football Star offers an exciting account of the NFL quarterback's life and career. Author Ken Rappoport's 48-page book, part of Enslow's "Sports Star Champions" series, is accompanied by excellent color photos and eye-catching design that will please young readers and especially reluctant readers.

Peyton Manning: Champion Football Star is available directly from Enslow in a library-bound edition for $17.95; that represents a 25% discount from Enslow's list price. It is also available from Barnes and Noble or Amazon or your preferred vendor. Meanwhile, Elvis Presley: "I Want to Entertain People" can be purchased in a library-bound edition for $25.95 from Enslow; that price is a 25% discount from Enslow's list price. It is also available from Barnes and Noble,  Amazon, or your preferred vendor.

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January 07, 2013

New elementary titles for Black History Month!

Looking for titles for your elementary students for Black History Month? Enslow has just published 12 titles in its Famous African Americans series. Written by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack, these easy-to-read biographies cover contemporary nineteenth and twentieth century African Americans.

Looking for a book about a great teacher? How Booker T. Washington, Mary McLeod Bethune, or Carter G. Woodson?
For a book about a fighter against slavery, look at Frederick Douglass, or Ida B. Wells-Barnett, who wrote about the injustices against African Americans.
Louis Armstrong (a jazz musician) and Marian Anderson (an opera singer) are biographies about people in the music industry.
Martin Luther King, Jr., was a civil rights leader.
George Washington Carver studied plants and farming. Read about how he helped make peanuts popular!
Jesse Owens was an Olympian athlete.
Madam C. J. Walker invented hair care products for African-American women.
Paul Robeson was an actor.

Any of these titles would be helpful in teaching children about overcoming life's challenges and making something of oneself.

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January 04, 2013

Did You Know That Louis Braille Could See When He Was Born?

Braille is named after the person who invented it. Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809 in a town near Paris, France. He could see when he was born but when he was three years old, he had a terrible accident. One day, he went to his father's workshop and poked himself in the eye while playing with one of the very sharp tools. His eye became infected and the infection spread causing Louis to become blind.

When Louis was ten, he was sent to a special school for blind children. They had some books written in large capital letters that were raised so that the students could feel them and put them together to figure out the words. Louis read these books, but he thought he could figure out a better way to make books for blind people.

One day when Louis was twelve, a soldier named Charles Barbier visited the school. He told Louis and the other children about his invention called night writing that used raised dots and dashes to represent words. The soldiers used this system to talk to each other in the dark and without speaking so enemy soldiers could not hear them.

Louis thought he could change night writing to make a code for blind people. At fifteen years old, after many tries, Louis created a dot code. He called his system Braille. In 1829, when Louis was twenty years old, he published the first Braille book.

Today, blind people all over the world use Braille to read. Thanks to Braille, words, numbers, and musical notes are no longer just something people see. They are also things people can feel.

View a sample chapter here of What is Braille? from our Overcoming Barriers series which is available from EnslowBarnes and Noble, Amazon, or your preferred vendor.

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January 03, 2013

Happy Birthday J.R.R. Tolkien

Born John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, on this day in 1892, he is best known for his original worlds and creatures, many of whom appear in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings stories. Through a thorough exploration of his life and work, Edward Willett brings to life the inner workings of the mind of J.R.R. Tolkien who made fantasy writing what it is today. 

This book includes an "In Your Own Words" section. which draws on several interviews with Tolkien, a timeline, a major works and a selected additional works list, as well as "Words to Know" and a "Further Reading" list. You can preview this book on google books.

J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of Imaginary Worlds from our Authors Teens Love series is available from Enslow, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your preferred vendor.

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January 02, 2013

Meet Annie Biotica!

Look what's new in 2013!

Presented with real-life scenerios of infections, secondary-level readers will experience the scientific method that medical teams and scientists use to decipher symptoms and lab test results in our new Body System Disease Investigations series written by Michelle Faulk, PhD.

Using this mystery diagnosis format, each book contains five chapters, in which each chapter covers a different disease/ailment set up as a "case." 

Helped by the super-sleuth character, "Annie Biotica," this engaging and fun series makes the health and life science content more relevant to the student's own life. 

This series covers life science, body systems, and health in a fun way by formatting each case study in a CSI-like presentation.

Readers will enjoy the graphic-style illustrations and easy-to-read text in these 48-page books. 

This series is available from direct from Enslow as well as from Barnes and NobleAmazon, or your preferred vendor.

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