January 22, 2013

Science + Fun = Enslow's Graphic-Style Series About Body System Diseases

We want to introduce you to Annie Biotica. This fictitious character is an investigator in Enslow Publishers' new Spring 2013 series "Body System Disease Investigations." Ms. Biotica tracks down the causes, impacts, and possible treatments for various infectious diseases. In addition to the Annie Biotica character device, each 48-page book uses a logical structure, solid facts, and graphic-style illustrations to create a fun, highly informative work. The series's writer, Michelle Faulk, Ph.D., skillfully integrates the real-world use of the scientific method into each title's narrative. In Faulk's The Case of the Flesh-Eating Bacteria, the author five unique medical cases, along with scenarios which the reader must solve.

The Case of the Flesh-Eating Bacteria, as well as other titles in this five-book series, is available in a library-bound edition for $17.95. That price represents a 25% school/library discount. The series is also available from your preferred vendor.

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