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September 10, 2012

It's Deaf Awareness Week

978-0-7660-3771-7 Library Binding
978-1-4644-0156-5 Paperback Binding
Many years ago, I took a sign language class at an adult school after work. Have I used it? Unfortunately not. My main reason for taking it was because I was a volunteer EMT (at that time,) and thought that having a basic knowledge of sign language might help on calls.

When I look at Enslow's new title, What Is Sign Language?, I appreciate the fact that the alphabet is in the book, reminding me of how to create the letters. This 48 page title is geared toward upper elementary readers, giving them some personal stories into the lives of children who are dealing with deafness every day.

978-0-7660-3769-4 Library Binding
978-1-4644-0154-1 Paperback Binding
Another new title, What Is It Like to Be Deaf?, also gives an overview about sign language, but also discusses hearing aids, videophones, and the latest technology that help those who are deaf interact with people. This book includes personal life stories of young children who are deaf.

Both of these titles are available directly from Enslow or your preferred vendor.

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February 09, 2012

What Is Braille?

Library Bound ISBN: 978-0-7660-3770-0
     One of Enslow's new titles for spring, What Is Braille? gives readers in grades three through four a greater understanding into the lives of people dealing with challenges.  This title is part of the Overcoming Barriers series which includes:  What Is It Like to Be Blind?, What Is It Like to Be Deaf?, What Is Sign Language? as well as What Is Braille?  All four titles in the series are authored by Deborah Kent and feature color and black-and-white photographs and illustrations as well as words to know regarding the title's topic.

     What Is Braille? contains great chapters such as "Creating the Code", "Braille at Work", and "What Is the Future of Braille?".  This title allows young readers to learn more about this valuable means of communication for the blind as it demonstrates how people use Braille to live active and meaningful lives.

September 20, 2010

Sign Language Man: Thomas H. Gallaudet and His Incredible Work

Sign Language Man: Thomas H. Gallaudet and His Incredible Work, by Edwin Brit Wyckoff has been published.

When he was a young man, Thomas Gallaudet saw a young girl who could not hear, and he taught her how to spell "hat" and her name, "Alice." The girl's father encouraged him to start a school for the deaf. Gallaudet traveled to Europe, where he learned French sign language. He became instrumental in the development of American Sign Language, or ASL, and the teaching of the deaf.

32 pages, full color, Enslow Publishers, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3447-1

Others covered in the Genius At Work! Great Inventor Biographies series are: Samuel Colt (revolver); Thomas H. Gallaudet (sign language); W.K. Kellogg (cereal); Igor Sikorsky (helicopters); Les Paul (electric guitar); George Ferris (Ferris wheel), Ralph Baer (video games); Madam C.J. Walker (hair care); Vivian Thomas (heart surgery); Theodore H. Maiman (lasers); James Naismith (basketball); Stephanie Kwolek (Kevlar); and Philo T. Farnsworth (television).