September 10, 2012

It's Deaf Awareness Week

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Many years ago, I took a sign language class at an adult school after work. Have I used it? Unfortunately not. My main reason for taking it was because I was a volunteer EMT (at that time,) and thought that having a basic knowledge of sign language might help on calls.

When I look at Enslow's new title, What Is Sign Language?, I appreciate the fact that the alphabet is in the book, reminding me of how to create the letters. This 48 page title is geared toward upper elementary readers, giving them some personal stories into the lives of children who are dealing with deafness every day.

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Another new title, What Is It Like to Be Deaf?, also gives an overview about sign language, but also discusses hearing aids, videophones, and the latest technology that help those who are deaf interact with people. This book includes personal life stories of young children who are deaf.

Both of these titles are available directly from Enslow or your preferred vendor.

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