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January 21, 2010

Enslow author, Linda Bozzo's school visit!

Enslow author, Linda Bozzo, recently visited Knollwood Elementary School in Piscataway, New Jersey to present her program, “How a Book is Made” to third graders.

She talked about her life as a nonfiction author and then walked the students through the many steps a book takes before it is placed on the library shelf while touching on different careers in the publishing industry.

Linda shared interesting facts about her series, My First Pet Library from the American Humane Association. She told the students how her father took most of the photos for My First Horse at the equestrian center where her daughter rides horses and that she didn’t write the Spanish text in the bilingual version of the series.

Linda also introduced the student to her two new series that are coming out with Enslow in fall 2010. The first series is Amazing Working Dogs with American Humane. Through photos the students were able to meet each of the dogs featured in this dog hero series while Linda explained how she each met and interviewed each of the handlers. When questioned about how she met the police dog, she which quick to respond that she was not pulled over by the police officer, but instead met him when an injury occurred during softball game and the police were called. In speaking about the Imagining the Future series she talked about what it’s like to research history and what fun it was to imagine what the future might bring.

Linda is currently working on two new books that include jokes and riddles proving there are so many different types of writing that authors do. “Who ever thought I would be writing knock-knock jokes?” she laughed.

The students were anxious to ask questions at the end of the presentation including what her favorite dog breed is and when she started writing. “The students were good listeners and asked great questions making it a successful school visit,” Linda said.