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June 11, 2011

Shark or Dolphin?

Spending time at the beach this summer? Before you go you might want to read,
Shark or Dolphin: How Do You Know?
ISBN 978-0-766-3680-2
Grades K–3
They both live in the ocean. They are both large, gray, and eat fish. How do you know which animal is which? Award-winning children's author Melissa Stewart explains a few of the many differences between sharks and dolphins. Simple text is paired with stunning underwater photography to show readers just how different these animals really are!

June 04, 2009

Ace Your Human Biology Science Project

Science from head to a perfect description for this new book. Ace Your Biology Science Project series is a resource for great science fair ideas.

How do joints work?
How do sense receptors work?
What type of personality do you have?

Beginning with a discussion about the scientific method, science projects, and safety first, the authors move on to discuss the various human body systems, genetics, and personality. Experiments that might be used for a science fair project are clearly indicated.
Ace Your Human Biology Science Project: Great Science Fair Ideas is written by award-winning author team Robert Gardner and Barbara Gardner Conklin, and is illustrated in full color, 128 pages. ISBN: 978-0-7660-3219-4. More information can be found on Enslow Publishers web site at:

May 15, 2009

NSTA Review: Why Are Animals Green?

Click Here for NSTA review.

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) has published a review of Why Are Animals Green? Written by author Melissa Stewart. The review begins: "The books in the Rainbow of Animals series use vibrant colors and fun facts to take readers through the world and explain how color helps creatures survive." Click on the title above to link to the NSTA site.

32 pages, full color ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3252-1

May 08, 2009

Lively Plant Science Projects Published

Lively Plant Science Projects, written by Ann Benbow and Colin Mably, has been published. Benbow is a biologist and former science teacher. Mably is a teacher and creator of science education products. Together they have written easy-to-do plant experiments and provide the scientific explantion behind each. The experiments are based upon questions such as: "How Are Plant's Leaves the Same and Different?" This 'get your hands dirty (in the soil)' book will inspire young readers to investigate their natural world. This title is part of Real Life Science Experiment series and is written for Grades 3-4.