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February 18, 2009

New Series: Step Into History

Waiting patiently on my desk over the President's Day weekend were four new books in a new series titled Step Into History. We have never published such heavily illustrated books before and these are gorgeous! Each book centers around an adventure and challenges the reader to:

Command a sailing voyage (Sail!),
Capture a castle (Siege! ),
Lead a Roman army and then build a city (Conquest! ); and
Survive in the Stone Age while hunting the Woolly Mammouth (Hunt!) .

These books are going to be a favorite of your boys (and girls) . The reading level is great for grades three to four. See if you can survive some of the most exciting challenges in history. (The books are published in a large format 9" x 11-1/2", 32 pages, List Price of $22.60 with a discounted price to schools and libraries of $16.95). Here is a link to the series on the web page