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July 19, 2013

Looking for a drawing series for an elementary student?

Fun and Easy Drawing, a four-title series written for the lower elementary student, uses step-by-step instructions and illustrations to teach and show students how to draw different animals, people, creatures, and objects. Each 36-page book has its own theme.

Learn how to draw sea animals, sailors, submarines, and more in Fun and Easy Drawing at Sea. In Fun and Easy Drawing on the Farm, learning how to draw farm animals, farmers, tractors, and more is fun! Fun and Easy Drawing Fantasy Characters explains how to draw ghosts, robots, mermaids, genies, and other creatures. Demonstrating how to draw clowns, ballerinas, kings, and queens is a great way to learn how to turn shapes into incredible works of art in the Fun and Easy Drawing Storybook Characters title.

978-0-7660-6039-5 Library Edition
978-6040-1 Paperback
978-0-7660-6037-1 Library Edition
978-0-7660-6038-8 Paperback

978-0-7660-6041-8 Library Edition
978-0-7660-6042-5 Paperback

978-0-7660-6043-2 Library Edition
978-0-7660-6044-9 Paperback

All of these books are available from your preferred vendor,, your independent bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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