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September 23, 2013

It's Banned Books Week

For Banned Books Week, Enslow's series Authors of Banned Books contains five titles, each of which contains a brief biography of a banned author.

Some people have contended that the Harry Potter books endorse witchcraft, and that children should not read them. The author, Joan Vos MacDonald, analyzes the books and explores both sides of the argument over censorship.

John Steinbeck's life and several of his most controversial works are analyzed by author Maurene J. Hinds. The history of book censorship is explored to help readers understand both sides of the debate.

Madeleine L'Engle's titles have been banned because they endorse an occult philosophy. Author Marilyn McClellan discusses L'Engle's work, life, and beliefs, while looking at both sides of this censorship debate.

Michelle M. Houle discusses Mark Twain's life and times, analyzes two of his best-known books, and explores both sides of the censorship argument. There is a great deal of controversy over whether his books should be taught in schools because of Twain's language and attitudes in his writing, which reflect a more racist time in the history of this country.

Wendy Hart Beckman discusses the life of Robert Cormier, analyzes three of his books, and helps readers understand both sides of the censorship debate.

Each of these titles include a page of discussion questions, giving the reader ideas for discussing these books with their classmates and peers.

All of these titles are available from your preferred vendor, independent bookstore,, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

September 27, 2012

Interesting Facts About Madeleine L'engle

 ISBN: 978-0-7660-2708-4
Madeleine L'Engle is the author of challenged books
 including A Wrinkle in Time and Many Waters. 

Madeleine L'Engle was an only child and was raised with a nanny and governess. She spent most of her lonely childhood eating meals in her room and writing stories, drawing, learning to play the piano, and reading her favorite books.

Against Madeleine's mother's wishes, her English nanny would secretly hide sugar in the bottom of Madeleine's oatmeal bowl.

Madeleine and her parents lived in an apartment in New York City, near Central Park until they moved to Switzerland when Madeleine was twelve years old. They returned to the United States when Madeleine was about fifteen and lived in the family beach house in Florida to be with her paternal grandmother.

As a young child, Madeleine entered a poetry contest and won. Her teachers did not believe that she had written the poem herself, they accused her of copying it. Madeleine's mother went to school carrying examples of the poems, novels, and stories she wrote at home before the teachers would concede that perhaps she did deserve to win the prize. 

As a child, Madeleine's favorite author was Lucy Maud Montgomery, who is best known for her Anne of Green Gables stories. But Madeleine's favorite story was Emily of New Moon because the character, Emily, was also an only child who had difficulty in school and had an ailing father.

For more about Madeleine L'Engle check out our book: Madeleine L'Engle: Banned, Challenged and Censored from our Authors of Banned Books series.

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November 29, 2010

Today would have been the birthday of Madeleine L'Engle

Madeleine L'Engle is a famous writer of fantasy for young people. Her best-known book, A Wrinkle in Time, has been loved by generations of readers and lauded by critics. Author Marilyn McClellan discusses L'Engle’s life and beliefs and analyzes two of her best known books. She also explores the history and present state of book censorship and helps readers form their own opinions about whether books should be banned.

This blog entry was created and supposed to be posted on November 29, but did not get posted until November 30.

September 27, 2010

Enslow supports Banned Books Week

Each of the following five titles in Enslow's Banned Book series highlights authors and their books that may have been banned from school and library collections. Founded in 1982, this annual campaign is meant to bring attention to the importance of the freedom to read. Librarians and teachers celebrate the ability to retain frequently-challenged books in their collections while encouraging readers to examine banned and challenged books.

J.K. Rowling
John Steinbeck
Madeleine L’Engle
Mark Twain
Robert Cormier

August 12, 2010

Need books for Banned Books Week (Sept 25 through Oct 2)?

Are your students looking for books about banned books? Enslow has five books in its Authors of Banned Books series. Featuring J.K. Rowling, John Steinbeck, Madeleine L'Engle, Mark Twain, and Robert Cormier, these titles inform students about free press issues and provides arguments for and against the books.