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June 25, 2013

The Korean War Remembered

On this day in 1950, North Korean military forces launched an invasion of South Korea. The subsequent conflict lasted three years during which over 33,000 American soldiers died. A number of memorials have been created to commemorate the efforts of American and Allied armed forces in the Korean conflict. Among the most notable is the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Books about veterans and Veterans Day offer a way for young readers to learn about and recognize the contributions veterans have made for our country. Enslow Publishers' What Is Veterans Day? provides a thoughtful, quite accessible introduction to this significant topic. Author Elaine Landau's 24-page work deliver a nifty mix of well-written text and skillfully chosen, full-color photographs that tell the story of this important day.

The book, included in the "I Like Holidays!" series, is available directly from Enslow in a library-bound edition for $15.95; that price represents a 25% school/library discount from Enslow's list price for this title. The book is also available in paperback for $6.95. What Is Veterans Day? can also be obtained from your preferred vendor, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

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November 15, 2011

Enslow Holiday Books Encourage Shared Reading

Library ISBN: 978-0-7660-3701-4
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-59845-294-5
The year-end holidays present a wonderful opportunity for young readers to enjoy shared reading experiences. Whether children experience read-alouds at a library, or sit with relatives and follow the text, the common denominator is that kids are reading and enjoying it. Books about year-end celebrations offer the immediacy and holiday excitement with which kids most easily connect and in which they stay interested.

Enslow Publishers provides engaging holiday books suitable for young readers. Books such as What is Thanksgiving? and What is Christmas? provide a fun, enriching look at these festive days. Author Elaine Landau's on-target, Guided Reading Level "G" text, along with bright, full-color photos, provide the full flavor of the holidays to young readers. Each title in the seven book "I Like Holidays!" series is available in a library-bound edition for $15.95, a 25% school/library discount from Enslow's list price. The books are also available in paperback for $6.95 per title.

June 27, 2011

New Elementary title about the 4th of July coming soon

Elaine Landau has written a new elementary series of holiday books for Enslow. What Is the 4th of July? describes the traditions and symbols of this holiday, as well as includes a hands-on activity. This title (as well as the rest of the titles in the series) is available in both library and paperback bindings.

Other titles in the I Like Holidays! series include Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Veterans Day.

All of these titles will be available soon.