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February 26, 2013

Crafts for "Tell a Fairy Tale Day"

Today is "Tell a Fairy Tale Day" in the United States, when children are encouraged to imagine, tell, or listen to fairy tales. These often charming stories stay with us for a lifetime, along with memories of their telling.

In addition to the storytelling itself, another way for kids to explore the magical world of fairy tales is through an associated hands-on activity, such as craft making. Enslow Publishers' Fairy Tale Adventure Crafts offers children fun, creative opportunities to make the fanciful figures found in these imaginative stories. The 32-page book's high-interest topics are likely to capture a child's interest. Author Anna Llimos' eye-catching, step-by-step, full color instructions help make the craft making process accessible for young readers. Each craft activity features inexpensive, easy-to-find items.

Fairy Tale Adventure Crafts, part of the "Fun Adventure Crafts" series, is available directly from Enslow Publishers, in a library-bound edition for $16.95; that price represents a 25% discount from Enslow's list price for this title. A paperback version is also available for $6.95. The books are also available from your preferred vendor, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

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September 19, 2011

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!

978-0-7660-3817-2 Library
978-1-59845-283-9 Paperback
Enslow is celebrating the fact that the last book in the Hannah Pritchard trilogy has just been released. Captain Hannah Pritchard is now available. The first title, Hannah Pritchard, was published in 2008, and the second, Pirate Hannah Pritchard, in 2009. Written by Bonnie Pryor, these middle school titles take the reader from the beginning, when Hannah finds that her family has been murdered, to her imprisonment by the British, to her hunt for buried treasure.

Elementary students may want to create pirate crafts using Pirate Ship Adventure Crafts. This title provides step-by-step instructions on how to make eleven simple pirate-themed crafts using easy to find materials. Create a ship, pirate crew, treasure chest, and more. It also includes a story for kids to tell with their crafts, or they can act out their own pirate story.


Available in both library and paperback bindings, this title is part of the "Fun Adventure Crafts" series.

October 26, 2010

Last Chance for Free Halloween Craft

Are you on the lookout for a last-minute Halloween activity for your elementary school students? Have them add a skeleton craft to their repertoire of ghosts and goblins! We're offering a free skeleton craft from Haunted House Adventure Crafts, one of the five titles in Enslow Publsihers' new "Fun Adventure Crafts" series. Call Enslow Publishers now (800.398.2504) to learn how you can download this free Halloween craft.

Haunted House Adventure Crafts is available in paperback for $6.95 per copy. A library-bound edition is also available. Call Enslow Publishers today for more information, including ways to save money when you order books from author Anna Llimos' "Fun Adventure Crafts" series!

September 28, 2010

Halloween Event Supports San Francisco Schools

Among this year's more creative school fundraising events is the "San Francisco Halloween Run and Walk for Schools." Participants can choose either a 5K and one mile option that covers a relatively flat course. It sounds like a healthy, spirited way to support local schools.

The event reminds us that Halloween is nearly a month away. Many instructors create special lesson plans, intending to use the holiday as a teaching and learning opportunity. Enslow Publishers’ new Haunted House Adventure Crafts provides hands-on activities that are especially useful for group work. The book, best suited for grades K-3, offers fun activities, clear directions, and a child-friendly look.

The 32-page title is available in paperback for $6.95; a library-bound version is also available. Walk or run to Enslow Classroom for more information about Haunted House Adventure Crafts and all the books in Enslow Publishers' "Fun Adventure Crafts" series!

July 20, 2010

New crafts series from Enslow!

Five new titles in the Fun Adventure Crafts series just arrived. These titles are great for grades K–3. In each book, all of the projects combine to create one full scene, and are simple enough to make without a lot of parental help. A class group might work together to create the full scene, with each individual student responsible for a different craft.

By the way, these titles are also available in paperback!