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January 11, 2012

Rounding Third, Heading Home and The Third Day of Enslow's Pick-A-Page Giveaway!

It's the third day of our Pick-A-Page Giveaway, and we've got some great books that you can win!

One of our authors, David Aretha, just got some great feedback about his new book Rounding Third, Heading Home! from the legendary Dan Gutman:

"If you like Matt Christopher, you’ll love David Aretha. This is a classic underdog story that Little Leaguers are bound to enjoy."
—Dan Gutman, author of Honus & Me, Babe & Me, and eight other baseball card adventures

Rounding Third, Heading Home! and the rest of the "A Champion Sports Story" series is out now. If you like a good underdog story, or if you can't read enough about sports, check out our Pick-A-Page Giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the series!

For our Pick-A-Page Giveaway, go to one of our e-catalogs and pick a page of titles you would like to receive for free. Like us on Facebook and leave a comment on Facebook, letting us know which page you would like to receive. For everyone who enters, they will receive one book from the page they requested. One winner will be chosen by random at the end of the week, and that person will receive a copy of every book on that page. The winner will be announced on Facebook on Monday!