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April 01, 2011

African-American Soldiers in the Civil War

African-American Soldiers in the Civil War: Fighting for Freedom, by Carin T. Ford.

School Library Journal (SLJ), March 2011 Review:

"This clear overview examines both the triumphs and hardships of black soliders..."

Publisher Description: The role of blacks in the Civil War has been largely overlooked in history books. Many students are unaware that thousands upon thousands of black soldiers risked their lives for the chance to live as free Americans. After a concise introduction to slavery and the Civil War, author Carin T. Ford paints a vivid picture of black soldiers on and off the battlefield—the obstacles they faced, the determination with which they fought, and their status in the aftermath of the war. This well-researched narrative is chock-full of riveting, heartbreaking, and inspiring facts and true stories of sacrifice and bravery.

48 pages, full color photographs,
Elementary level reading level
ISBN-13:  978-0-7660-2254-6

June 22, 2009

Booklist Review of The Harlem Renaissance

Richard Worth's latest book: The Harlem Renaissance: An Explosion of African-American Culture has been reviewed in Booklist magazine (2/1/09).

"The opening pages create a valuable historical context for understanding the origins and spirit of the movement..." (Review by Carolyn Phelan). The full review can be found on

This title is illustrated with color photographs, is 128 pages and written for young adults, ISBN is 978-0-7660-2907-1. Part of the 'America's Living History' series published by Enslow Publishers, Inc.