June 26, 2009

Led Zeppelin: Legendary Rock Band has been published

One of the greatest classic rock bands of all time, this new rockography by Michael A. Schuman traces the ups and downs of this enduringly popular band. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones formed in Britain as The New Yardbirds in the late 1960s, and soon changed their name to Led Zeppelin. With their bluesy rock 'n' roll songs and rousing lyrics, they became one of the legendary rock bands of all time.

Written for rock 'n roll fans ages 11 and up, this unauthorized rockography Led Zeppelin: Legendary Rock Band is 112 pages with full color photographs throughout. ISBN: 978-0-7660-3026-8. The Rebels of Rock series can be viewed at: http://www.enslow.com/displayitem.asp?type=1&item=2711.

Other titles include:Judas Priest: "Metal Gods" written by Brian J. Bowe. Library Edition:978-0-7660-3029-9. Paperback Edition: 978-0-7660-3027-5

KISS: "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night" written by Aileen Weintraub. Library Edition: 978-0-7660-3621-5, Paperback Edition: 978-0-7660-3619-2.

Led Zeppelin: Legendary Rock Band written by Michael A. Schuman. Library Edition: 978-0-7660-3026-8, Paperback Edition 978-0-7660-3618-5.

AC/DC: Hard Rock Band written by Heather Miller, Library Edition: 978-0-7660-3031-2, Paperback Edition: 978-0-7660-3623-9.

Grateful Dead "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been" written by Michele C. Hollow, Library Edition: 978-0-7660-3028-2.

Pink Floyd: The Rock Band written by Laura S. Jeffrey, Library Edition 978-0-7660-3030-5.

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