April 29, 2014

New review of In the River Darkness

In the River Darkness was reviewed in Library Media Connection's May/June 2014 issue. This title, part of
Enslow's new imprint, Scarlet Voyage, tells the story from the alternating perspectives of Mia, Alex, and Jay. Mia has just moved to town and has befriended brothers Alex and Jay. As the three teens spend more and more time together, strange things start to happen.

An excerpt from the review:

 "Young readers will enjoy Röder's analogical writing style, and will enjoy the brief moments of suspense and mystery."

Other titles in this new imprint include: Code Name Komiko, Freak City, Paint Me a Monster, Spirit of a Mountain Wolf, and What We Did for Love. They can be viewed on www.scarletvoyage.com.

This title, and the others in this imprint, are available from your preferred vendor, local bookstores, scarletvoyage.com, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. 

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