October 25, 2013

Zombie 99 Cent Special -- Offer Ends November 8th!

This Halloween season, fill your book buying "trick or treat" bag with Enslow Publishers'  e-books! As an introduction to our Speeding Star: Keep Boys Reading! imprint, we're offering the e-book version of Book 1 of our four-title "Zombie Zappers" series -- Zombie Camp -- for 99 cents!

Zombie Camp presents author Nadia Higgins' playful 64-page tale of young adventurers encountering the living dead. Her age-appropriate storytelling style embraces language suitable for children while avoiding graphic violence. The book also provides a character development focus as the kids in the story learn a valuable life lesson.

The "Zombie Zappers" fiction series is included in Enslow's new Speeding Star: Keep Boys Reading! imprint. Speeding Star's mission is to publish easy-to-read, high-quality fiction and informational texts suitable for boys from third grade through high school. "Speeding Star" books are currently available in e-book format as well as trade hardcover editions.

Zombie Camp, other Speeding Star titles, and many other Enslow Publishers' K-12 nonfiction books are available via bn.com, amazon.com, and other retail e-book sellers. Act now: Enslow's 99 cent offer for Zombie Camp ends on Friday, November 8, 2013!

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