October 08, 2013

Hispanic Heritage Month

Written for the middle school reader, the titles in the Latino Biography Library series cover famous Latinos whose careers range from acting to teachers. These books are also correlated to the Reading and Language sections of the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards.

Ellen Ochoa was the first Latina to enter space. Freddie Prinze, Jr., is a successful Latino actor and George Lopez is known for his stand-up comedy. Jaime Escalante was an inspirational math teacher, and inspired inner-city youth. Pablo Neruda was a talented writer who openly denounced the president of Chile and was declared an enemy of his own country. Sandra Cisneros is a writer and activist who encourages women and members of minority groups to achieve their full potential.

All of these books are available from your preferred vendor, your local independent bookstore,  enslow.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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