September 04, 2013

Cows on the Family Farm, for early elementary readers.

Library Edition: 978-0-7660-4205-6
Paperback Edition: 978-1-4644-0353-8
Moo! Cows on the Family Farm, written for early elementary readers, informs readers about how cows live on the farm. Follow the family at Howling Wolf Farm as this book explains how farmers take care of cows, what cows eat, and the important steps in raising healthy animals. Chana Stiefel, the author, has also written other titles in the Animals on the Family Farm series.


  1. This is a fantastic book! My preschooler used it at school last week as part of their Farm Theme. The preschool teacher thought the book was outstanding.

  2. We're glad that your preschooler (and his teacher!) enjoyed it. What's great about the series is that it shows what life is like on an actual family farm.