April 08, 2013

Looking for a cooking series for elementary readers?

The Little Chef, a series of four books written for the elementary reader, gives step-by-step instructions for making easy, tasty food with kid appeal. Each step includes not only written instructions, but an illustration as well. The list of needed ingredients for each recipe are also included in an illustration format. The glossary is also illustrated, which will help kids familiarize themselves with basic cooking terms.

Available 6/1/13
Fun Party Food includes recipes for guacamole, tomato and mozzarella skewers, chicken nuggets, popcorn balls, mini cheeseburgers, frozen yogurt, and more. Pizza and Pasta's recipes include tiny bow tie pasta salad, ham and cheese lasagna, stuffed mini pizzas, as well as white sauce and flavored oils. Chocolate-covered strawberries, brownies, cheesecake, and strawberry sherbet are some of the recipes found in Tasty Desserts. Want to make a chocolate shake? How about a puff pastry apple pie? Or how about a homemade mini pizza? Those are some of the recipes found in the Yummy Snacks book.

Available in both library and paperback versions, these titles are sure to please both kids and parents alike! Look for them at your local bookstore, your preferred vendor, on the Enslow web site, and at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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