April 01, 2013

April Fool's Day pranks

Did you know that in France, Belgium, and Italy, paper fish are tacked onto people's backs as a trick (hopefully, without being noticed) and shout "April Fish" in their local languages? Poland, Denmark, and Scotland have their own versions of different types of tricks played on others on April 1.

Some of the pranks Enslow employees have admitted to:

  • Gluing pages of the newspaper together
  • Replacing a spouse's morning cup of coffee with tea (or vice versa)
  • Making a bunch of photo-copies of a paper clip and then loading those copies into the paper tray. Watch as co-workers go nuts looking for the paper clip!
  • Coated a hard-boiled egg in melted chocolate. Let the chocolate cool, and then wrap in tin-foil so that it appears to be a chocolate Easter egg.
  • Put a bunch of fake parking tickets on a neighbor's car . . . in his own driveway!
  • Set up a dummy of himself on the couch, reading the newspaper. Kids came downstairs and couldn't understand why the dummy wasn't answering them. Prankster was hiding and laughing from a nearby coat closet.

Let us know what April Fools Day pranks you have done to your family, friends, or coworkers!

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