March 26, 2013

Age-Appropriate Jokes for April Fool's Day

Last night, we gave a paperback copy of Enslow's new April Fool's Day Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone to a young boy. He shared a few of the gags with the assembled siblings, friends, and stray adults. (Think of it as a very informal focus group.) Everyone had a good time, which was the point.

Here are a couple of samples from this new Enslow book:
Q: Why did the fool bring his computer to the dentist?
A:  It had a megabyte.

Q: What do ducks like to watch?
A: Duckumentaries.

Q: How did the fool find the flea bite on her body?
A: She started from scratch.

These and many other age-appropriate April Fool's Day jokes are available in author Amelia LaRoche's 48-page book.The title, part of Enslow's "Funnier Bone Jokes" series, is available in paperback for $7.95 from Enslow Publishers. It may also be ordered from your preferred vendor, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. A library-bound edition of April Fool's Day Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone is available directly from Enslow for $15.95; that price represents a 25% school/library discount from Enslow's list price. An e-book edition is also available; call Enslow Publishers for more information about this and other e-book titles.

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