October 02, 2012

Halloween Book Offers Tips For Safe, Fun Crafts

With Halloween less than thirty days away, librarians, teachers, and parents are eager to find ways to tap into childrens' enthusiasm about the holiday. Hands-on activities are a case in point. They offer kids a safe, fun entree to Halloween, while providing a useful, spirited path for their creative imaginations. Author Randel McGee delivers both "ways in" to Halloween enjoyment via his Enslow book Paper Crafts for Halloween.

This wonderful title, part of Enslow's "Paper Craft Fun for Holidays" series, features step-by-step instructions and photos illustrating each step. McGee's 48-page book also includes a brief introduction to the holiday. And the work's 5.2 Accelerated Reader level makes it a solid choice for readers in fifth and sixth grades.

To get a sense of McGee's engaging personal style and craft designing skill, visit this link for a YouTube video of him in action. Meanwhile, Paper Craft Fun for Halloween is available in a library-bound edition for $17.95; that represents a 25% school/library discount from Enslow's list price for McGee's book. 

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