September 05, 2012

Serial Science Class Procrastinator? Get a Plan for this Year's Science Experiments!

School is back in session for just about every community in America, and that means kids across the country are thinking about science class.  If you or someone you know is a serial procrastinator when it comes to science class, we've just released a series that can help: Last-Minute Science Projects!

Written by the award-winning, teacher-vetted author Robert Gardner, books in the Last-Minute Science Projects series each contain a collection of experiments that can be set-up and completed in 1 hour or less, 30 minutes or less, 15 minutes or less, or even 5 minutes or less!  Each experiment in the series follows the scientific method, shows a full illustration of the experiment set-up, and instructs readers on exactly how to measure and how to report the results.  Experiments are categorized by how much time they take, so if you're really pressed for time, you can choose one that fits your schedule!

Titles in the "Last-Minute Science Projects" series include:

Atoms and Molecules Experiments Using Ice, Salt, Marbles, and More, with experiments like "Can we Separate Atoms from Molecules?" and "Are There Water Molecules in the Air?"

Electricity and Magnetism Experiments Using Batteries, Bulbs, Wires, and More, containing experiments like "Generate Electricity with a Magnet" and "Make a Simple Electric Motor"

Energy Experiments Using Ice Cubes, Springs, Magnets, and More, with experiments like "How Fast Does Heat Move?" and "Changing Light to Electricity"

Human Body Experiments Using Fingerprints, Hair, Muscles and More with experiments like "How Many Hairs on a Human's Head?" and "How much Air in a Breath?"

Simple Machine Experiments Using Seesaws, Wheels, Pulleys, and More, with "Measuring Work and Friction", "Double-Pulley, a Simple Machine", and other experiments

Solids, Liquids, and Gases Experiments Using Water, Air, Marbles and More, with experiments like "Climbing Liquids" and "Weighing Air"

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