September 18, 2012

Additional Spring 2013 titles

Enslow is adding an additional 27 titles to its spring 2013 list.

Animals on the Family Farm is an elementary series geared to early elementary readers. Each book in this 6-title series covers one animal, and shows how the animals live on a real farm.

Our Earth's Oceans is another elementary series covering the physical characteristics, resources, plant and animal life, exploration, and environmental concerns of each of these great bodies of water. This series contains five titles.

Written for the middle school reader, The Civil War Through Primary Sources includes real-life stories, descriptions of major events, and primary-source illustrations to enhance the reader's experience. There are six titles in this series.

Middle school readers will be introduced to each of the seven wonders of the world in this series. This four-book series covers natural wonders of the United States, wonders of the ancient world, wonders of the modern world, and wonders of the natural world.

Exploring Hands-On Science Projects includes hands-on activities that encourage readers to experience science as they learn. These experiments are written by an award-winning author and can be used for science fairs. This is a six book series.

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  1. Oh, this is very exciting news! I know for a fact our third and fourth-grade girls were just asking about hands-on science project books. Thank you, Enslow!

  2. You're welcome Kirsten! We'll be blogging on them more later in year.