April 10, 2012

Interesting Facts About F. Scott Fitzgerald On the 87th Anniversary of "The Great Gatsby's" Publication

Eighty-seven years ago today, Charles Scribner's Sons published F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. The book, and Fitzgerald himself, achieved something akin to legendary status. Distinguishing fact from legend with Fitzgerald and his work isn't always easy. Here are some facts that caught our attention:

  • The author finished the book's first draft while living on the French Riviera
  • The first draft was returned to Fitzgerald for substantial revision
  • One of Fitzgerald's suggested titles for the book that eventually became Gatsby was Trimalchio in West Egg (don't ask)
  • Fitzgerald lent Ernest Hemingway a copy of Gatsby.
More facts about F. Scott Fitzgerald were noted in a previous Enslow Publishers blog post. Do you know some notable facts about Fitzgerald? You're welcome to post it here. Meanwhile, you're invited to visit Enslow's website today to order our biographies of American authors!

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