February 22, 2012

Who Invented Home Video Games?

If you ever wondered who invented home video games, wonder no more! Enslow Publishers celebrates the life and creations of Ralph Baer, the creator of the first home video game system, with a new book: Who Invented Home Video Games? Ralph Baer from our "I Like Inventors" series. Written with young readers in mind, this new book is filled with color photographs, an activity, and high-interest writing. Most children are crazy about video games, so this book is perfect for engaging new readers. Who Invented Home Video Games? Ralph Baer is a simply written biography about Ralph Baer, the inventor of the earliest home video games.

The book is filled with fun and engaging facts about Baer and his creations (Did you know that Baer also invented Simon, the pattern matching game from the 70s and 80s?) which K-3 readers will appreciate. A full index, links, a "learn more" section, and an activity are also included.

By: Mary Kay Carson

ISBN: 978-0-7660-3975-9

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