January 03, 2012

Fun Facts about Ferrets

Grades 3-4
Did you know that the word ferret comes from a Latin word meaning "little thief?" Ferrets like stealing things from around the house and hiding them.

Some people say that a ferret is like a dog and a cat rolled into one. They enjoy playing (like cats) and are quite intelligent (like dogs.) This member of the weasel family includes minks, otters, skunks, martens, fishers, and wolverines. Unlike dogs which calm down and slow down as they get older, ferrets like to play their entire lives.

Did you know that ferrets can catch colds like humans? They can even catch a cold from a human (and return the favor as well!) Just because they are small, ferrets take work. Making sure that the litter box is clean, ample play time, enough food and fresh water, and enough toys to distract them from chewing on furniture, are all things to take into consideration when considering a pet ferret.

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