December 22, 2011

True Tales of the Wild West

Enslow's new Spring 2012 series "True Tales of the Wild West" tells the true stories of the fearless, indomitable, and sometimes crazy Americans that created and lived in the Wild West. Fearless Scouts, pictured here, tells the history of the scouts that blazed the trails connecting the East to the West. The other books in the series cover the equally exciting histories of American Cowboys, Daring Pony Express Riders, Pioneering Women, Quick-Draw Gunfighters, and Rugged Gold Miners. Written by esteemed author Jeff Savage, "True Tales of the Wild West" delivers one of America's most exciting chapters of history in a format with middle school and reluctant readers in mind. Every book in the series is filled with illustrations, maps, and informative side-bars.

Series: True Tales of the Wild West
Author: Jeff Savage

Age Level: 10-14

Grade Level: 5-9
Available in Library Edition and Paperback

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