August 08, 2011

Yesterday was Friendship Day

Library ISBN 978-0-7660-3442-6
Paperback ISBN 978-1-59845-315-7
Grades 6-up
Enslow's new series Life—A How-to Guide is a series of seven titles, one of which is about friendship. Written for the middle school student, the author explores the fun, crazy, and sometimes problematic world of dealing with friends. From best friends to arguments, cliques, online friendships, and friendships between guys and girls, find out what kind of friend you are and learn how to improve your relationships.

Written by Jan Burns, Friendship is available in both library and paperback bindings.

Other titles in the Life—A How-to Guide series:
Choosing a Community Service Career
Dealing with Stress
Getting Ready to Drive
Getting the Hang of Fashion and Dress codes
                                                  Using Technology

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