June 21, 2011

Summer Begins Today: Celebrate with an Enslow Book About the Seasons!

According to our wardrobe choices and comfort levels, summer began about a month ago. However, the official calendar starting date for summer is today. Either way, summer is here. For children, summer and its weather provides a unique magic, whether kids are outdoors in the sunshine or indoors sheltered from a seasonal shower.

To explore more about the summer and the science that explains its weather, check out Enslow Publishers' Looking at Weather and Seasons: How Do They Change? This 32-page book provides a reader-friendly look at the seasons, weather's causes, and how weather changes daily. Full-color illustrations help illuminate key points that give each season its own personality. And author Angela Royston's age-appropriate, engaging writing style encourages young readers to understand the science impacting the seasons.

Looking at Weather and Seasons, part of Enslow's six-book "Looking at Science: How Things Change" series, is available now from Enslow Publishers. Schools and libraries may purchase the library-bound title for $16.95, a 25% discount from Enslow's list price.

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