September 24, 2010

Has anyone been involved in training service dogs?

Several years ago I attended a Christmas Eve service at church. If I'm not mistaken, the church was undergoing renovations, so the service was held in a gym. Sitting 2 or 3 bleacher-rows below me was a couple who had a Golden Retriever puppy wearing a vest that stated it was a service dog in training, or some similar wording.

I love the idea of helping to train a service dog, I just don't think I could give the dog back to the training institution, at least not easily. I give a lot of credit to those people who can train service dogs, and give them back!

Any thoughts?

Pam, Enslow staffer

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  1. Yes, I have but Stanley has stayed with me and worked in schools and libraries. I would be happy to share our successes with you. I have had an article published on this and have 2 PB ms that I have written that would make an awesome series.