April 11, 2010

Online Preview: Escape--Teens on the Run

Holocaust Remembrance Day is April 11th. We thought that this would be an appropriate time to tell you that we have just published a new series titled: True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust. With a special focus on children and young adults' experiences during the Holocaust, these books tell the poignant stories of young people's lives through primary sources and artifacts.
To see an online sneak preview of the book containing the frontmatter, first chapter, and backmatter, click on any of the titles below.
Take a look, write a review, mention the books in your blog, or please feel free to share this email with your colleagues. If you are interested in reviewing the entire book, please send me an email and let me know how your review can help us spread the word about these new books.
Preview True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust

Escape—Teens on the Run: Primary Sources From the Holocaust 978-0-7660-3270-5

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