July 06, 2009

NSTA Reviews Why Are Animals Purple?

NSTA has given a great review of Melissa Stewart's book, Why Are Animals Purple?

"This book starts by asking readers to think of animals that are purple that might live near them. They are then introduced to a variety of animals, from finned to feathered. Each animal is shown close-up on a two-page spread with clear descriptions of how it uses color.

One interesting feature of the book comes at the beginning—a glossary of “Words to Know.” The words are later highlighted in the text for readers. Another fun feature comes near the end of the book—individual world maps showing where each animal lives and giving their ranges. This would make a nice starting point to discuss effects of environmental changes and how they might affect the different animals. Finally, this book contains a bibliography of other recently published books with more information about color in nature.

To see more information about this title from Enslow Publishers, visit http://www.enslow.com/displayitem.asp?type=1&item=2619

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