July 01, 2009

NSTA Review: Why Are Animals Yellow?

"The Rainbow of Animals uses vibrant illustrations and interesting facts to
help readers answer questions about the value of color. The books provide a beautiful introduction to animal adaptations and survival. In the classroom, the books' high-interest content, bright color, and controlled vocabulary will draw readers in....

After introducing different animals, the book shows two new animals and challenges readers to figure out how color might help them to survive in their environment....

One interesting feature of the book comes at the beginning—a glossary of “Words to Know.” The words are later highlighted in the text for readers. Another fun feature comes near the end of the book—individual world maps showing where each animal lives and giving their ranges. This would make a nice starting point to discuss the effects of environmental changes and how they might affect the different animals...."

To read the full review by NSTA, please click herehttp://www.nsta.org/recommends/ViewProduct.aspx?ProductID=19284

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